You Are The Purpose

Hey, you're going to want to read this! This is my dinner (because I'm currently on sugar detox and hummus obsessed) BUT the post is way more interesting so read on dear friends! 
I've never met anyone (yet) who doesn't want to know their purpose in life. I used to think that I would find my purpose by following my passion. I thought that was the fool proof way to having all my dreams coming true. I was convinced it was going to make me ridiculously happy, ultra wealthy and have a rocking body because passionate people want to work out like all the time, right?

I was mislead.

If I've ever told you to "follow your passion" consider this my public apology. It's among my least favorite pieces of advice of all time. It makes people who don't know what their passion is feel like shit. It's confusing and can lead to a lot of unnecessary struggle. 
I know because I have been there and I've been watching my partner look for his passion for a decade now. Guys it's not a singular thing and it's no golden ticket. 
This weekend I heard Regina Meredith say in the sweetest and most unassuming way, "You are the purpose." and I nearly burst from my seat on her couch into a standing ovation. So consider this your permission slip to stop looking for your purpose and just keep doing what feels good and living your life because what if she's right? What if you alone are the purpose! 
Can I get an amen!? ps. roasted garlic and sun dried tomato hummus recipe from Oh She Glows

Pps. Following the feel good is a whole other thing that I totally DO recommend that you do!