Introducing Shift, The Workshop!

Introducing Shift, The Workshop!

Yesterday I launched Shift, The Workshop. This one has been swirling around in my heart and mind for some time. There are so many of you who have reached out saying that you want to attend a Shift Retreat but 7 - 10 days away with little ones at home is proving to be a challenge to organize. I noted your requests, treated them like little seeds and watered them until they grew into something I could recognize - workshops.

Ideas vs. Knowing

Ideas vs. Knowing

My friend and first coach, Anthony and his girlfriend Kristin (who is also a coach) visited over Christmas. We spent three days talking and going deep into what each of us believe, are working on and sharing our favorite tools for healing. It was QUALITY time. One of the topics that most resonated with me was Ideas vs. Knowing.

Shift in Costa Rica

Lacy Young | Shift Retreats

I just returned home from leading my first Shift retreat in Costa Rica. The experience was rich, important and utterly game changing. It sold out. Everyone got what they came for and much more. The feedback has been incredible. Beyond incredible really. It was more than I hoped for in every way. Some of the participants were former or current clients, one found me via Google search (thank you Mr. Google!), some were brand new to my work and all now feel like chosen family. Shift Retreat | Lacy Young

I've been trying to put the experience into words and I trust that you will find what you need in here as I share. The very fact that you are here reading this means you are exactly where you are meant to be. Thank you for showing up! You are right on time.

Lacy Young | Shift Retreat

Last year I did a health history with a women who did not become my client. As I answered her questions about packaged cereal bars I knew that our purpose together was being served. I will forever carry what she taught me in our brief exchange.

I could tell by her voice and demeanor that she is a strong, proud and rooted woman. She took herself seriously asking questions with such conviction while inquiring from a place of gentle strength. She was full of uncertainty about what to actually eat to nourish her body but she was clear and unashamed about not knowing. She unknowingly changed me by simply being herself.

I remember talking with my sister after the call telling her how struck I was by this women and that starting NOW I would no longer dismiss myself in big or small ways. I would honor my desires and most of all my gifts. I would not shrink even in moments when I did not know what to do. I would be myself. I would continue to live more and more authentically. I would be rooted in transparency and give up the need to struggle. One baby step after another I have come back to those intentions.

Shift Retreat | Lacy Young

As I reflect on what unfolded in Costa Rica I'm recalling moments like that one on the phone with the women who did not become my client. I am seeing themes and threads in my life with such clarity that looking back they all seem like well worn paths leading me to the next chapters. I believe that the past is not who we are but that is shapes who we are becoming.

Shift Retreat | Lacy Young

So there we all are in Costa Rica on day 1. We sat together in a circle propped up on cushions and Mexican blankets on smooth teak flooring. It was humid + hot but not in an oppressive way. The weather felt intentional as if to invite us to begin the feeling process with sticky skin and beads of sweat rolling down our backs. The room was open to the jungle via two walls of sliding glass doors where Howler monkeys jumped from tree to tree. Yeah. Jungle. Monkeys. Magic. It was the perfect backdrop for doing transformational work.

I asked, "Are you ready to step into your new life?" and as I looked around the circle I saw beautifully eager eyes full of uncertainty. Someone spoke up saying, "Umm even hearing that I just had to swallow really big and I feel a little scared." Nervous laughter followed and then a "Yes, ready." And we began.

Shift Retreat | Lacy YoungInviting healing with fire + ritual.

What happened over the next few days was miraculous. Break downs. Breakthroughs. Tears. Laughter. Inquiry. Energy moving. Contrast. Breath moving. Time seemed to stand still. Old wounds were healed. Old beliefs shed or transformed. We ate clean food. We listened to each other. We sat in joy and discomfort and celebrated it all. We meditated our brains out. We Shifted.

Shift | PattyThis is Patty's Shift selfie before and again on the last day. Speaks volumes, doesn't it! I see love unleashed. I see her certainty. I see her inability to hide her infinite potential.

I watched their faces change as the week progressed. I watched my face change as each person in the circle held me with such love, trusted my guidance and listened to my voice chanting through the chakras. We were each others teachers, friends and confidants. We entered into a sacred circle and healed together.

lacy young | shift retreatsCliff + Bird | Costa RicaCliff had breakfast with this guy a few mornings with full on conversations.

One woman said, "There's a difference between making changes and being changed. I AM CHANGED." and she then went on to say that she knows now that she is not broken and the physical pain that used to live in her feet and ankles was gone from her body. Gone. I asked her to repeat herself and as she said, "I AM NOT BROKEN. I AM NOT BROKEN. I AM NOT BROKEN." I knew once again that I would never be the same, that another thread in my life was coming into focus.

This is work I am meant to do and I show up humbly to do it feeling more gratitude than I've ever known. It's wild you guys. Freaking wonderfully wild. While it's true that I can tell you about each of the chakras, what foods are best to eat in particular situations and even some of the science that is happening in your body when you're in meditation --- I know that what I'm bringing to this work is my own special alchemy.

lizardLacy Young | Shift Retreat joyShift Retreat | The View Can you even get over that view!?

I spent a decade with serious breathing issues and now I use my voice to share what I know. I have healed my throat chakra by continuing to take inspired action in my life like moving into an RV, going on soul journey to Bali, leading this retreat... Some days you can hear me breathe, some days you can't and all the days are perfect. I don't worry about it like I did before. I know that one can not fully heal until they feel the fullness and the truth of being whole health. As that dear woman said over and over I AM NOT BROKEN it resonated and reverberated through my entire body as truth. None of us are broken. We never have been and that realization may be some of the most worthy work of your life. The truth is, I am whole health. You are whole health. And being our authentic selves not only heals but it helps to give each other permission to be true and it ripples out into the world.

If you are ready to do this work, if you are feeling called then please join us in Calistoga July 31 - August 2. All are welcome. You only need two things... 1. The desire and willingness to change and 2. an open heart. The rest really will take care of itself.

You can read testimonials from some of the participants here. Apply for Shift Calistoga here.

Thank you for witnessing this journey. With my whole heart, thank you. Lacy

p.s. This. Watch this.

Tremendous gratitude to Ashlie Woods for all the images.



A dear client told me today that my blog is on her list of comforts. Sandwiched between take a bath and make lentils is read Lacy's blog. I've had this post welling up and swirling around inside for weeks and after that amazing compliment now feels like the perfect time to share. We've been working on renovating our family cabin for the last several months. Total gut job. It's a HUGE project. We are still living in the RV and are currently parked in a nearby(ish) campsite in the mountains. We thought we'd be done by now. Famous last words. Every timeline we've set along the way has been way off. I'm learning to release the need to set timelines at all. We are both itching to get on the road and at the same time feeling the importance of this grounding time sitting still in the woods.

Cliff goes to the cabin nearly everyday and I meet him on my days off. There's this one tree that we pass on the way in that always grabs my attention. It's my favorite. It's riddled with suckers and has obviously never been cared for. I watched it go from seemingly dead to covered in little white flowers and now it is full of leaves.

One day I decided instead of working on the fence or sanding cabinets that I wanted to prune this tree. It took me a little over and hour of sawing off dead limbs and cutting off suckers. With each one I said, "There, that's better. Let's free you up. How does that feel?" With every branch removed I could feel the tree breathing into this new found lightness.

As I stood back to admire my efforts I thought of all the things that I want to free up in my life. I thought of how sometimes we need to take an honest look at our "limbs" and get to work on clearing. There are times too when we need to invite a trusted someone to help remove the dead stuff that's hanging on and the suckers that are perpetuating chaos in our being.

May I give you some permission to stand back and truly survey what's in front of you so much so that you can clearly see what needs to go and what wants to stay? Here's what came up for me that particular day:

  • I took "friend-ven-tory". I said each persons name that came to mind aloud and either said 'Thank you, I love you' or 'I release you, I love you.' This is a practice I do a few times a year. My goal is always to live in alignment with what feels best in the simplest way possible. The energy exchange has to be equal or it just doesn't work. Trust me, I've tried the way of forcing it. Lots.
  • I thought of our marriage and how as we have been simplifying we are learning to see each other as new each day. Sometimes that is so refreshing and other times it's all caps HARD. We are learning how to give each other space living in this tiny home.
  • I thought of drinking alcohol and how much I have loved calling myself a "drinker" and how it feels like it's time to let drinking go.
  • And I thought of how life is so full that it goes far beyond living new chapters but living different lives all together and along the way I've been experiencing hundreds upon thousands of personal mini deaths (I mean that in the least morbid way possible). Each is part of making space for the new to enter into this human experience.

If it feels good to you consider embracing the idea of living many lives and moving through many personal deaths. Look at how that's happened in your life up to today and notice what you've learned along the way. Find the threads of your story and you just might see where they are leading you next. Experiment with your life in the most loving way possible. Change jobs. Stop eating or drinking something that is not serving you. Say goodbye to someone, reconnect with someone else. Speak intentionally. Don't say things you don't mean (especially to yourself) and when you do interrupt yourself as soon as you remember and begin again. Shake things up a bit. Give yourself permission to enjoy the ride in the joy filled times and the pure shit times. The truth is, it's all beautiful. It's life.

Get pruning. Lacy

P.s. If you need a trusted someone to help. I'm here and we are going to get dirty on this next retreat. Just like this.

To take or not to take prescription meds.

you are perfect health

Are you taking some kind of meds to support your body and struggling to find peace over it? This has been coming up a lot lately in my inbox and coaching sessions and I want to share a few words. I got an email from a dear client that said,

"My compassion for myself has become so permissible. Maybe it is also in part to finally accepting my bipolar diagnosis, and being open to trying medication, which I previously would not consider."

And then another, "I've had PMDD for years, and I also experience really painful periods. I've always said "NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT" to birth control pills (I've never wanted to alter my natural rhythms...)... In my 20+ years of menstruation, I think I've tried every possible alternative, every possible "natural" remedy that came my way. ...So, I spent half the day crying. I felt like a failure. I've been "standing guard" and trying to protect my body from this thing called birth control for most of my life. I know it's time to try birth control. I've been terrified of saying "YES"...I've been wanting to write you since Thursday (the day I couldn't stop crying), almost one week ago. I just kept thinking that YOU would know what I could do! You would have the answers.

And then I was meditating this morning and these positive affirmations just started bursting out of me. I immediately wrote them down. I already feel a shift, and I've decided I will read those meditations every time I take a pill until I start to feel more comfortable. I still have a little over a week before my cycle aligns to start taking them, so I'm going to keep saying them over and over until then as well."


Can you relate to one of these women? You are not alone in your struggle and your desire for health on every level. If I could give you one thing it's to remind you that you are the expert on your body! ( <----- Read that again)

I've done the dance between east and west, between pharmaceutical and holistic medicine. In my mind and my experience there is a place for both. I took the birth control pill for over a decade. I loved the pill, it's predictability and that I never had to worry about an oops baby. It served me well and when my body and spirit were ready to come off I did. I took loads of different meds to help my breathing. I loathed them. They didn't help and most actually made me feel worse. I'm sure you have similar experiences of finding some medications really helpful and others --- not so much.

Your body is always talking to you. Listen to it and respond with what feels best for you. My approach in times when I feel that I need some kind of pharmaceutical support is to take the meds to soothe the symptoms and get to work on addressing the the root of what's happening in my body. I use all of my tools (food, rest, meditation, affirmations etc) in conjunction with the drug. I'm not saying that you should pop a pill for every ill or reflex into Western thinking but I am saying that you can remove the story behind taking medications when the moment calls for it. It doesn't have to mean anything positive or negative. It's all information on this life journey and taking medications is usually temporary. I never trust a doctor that says you're going to have to take this forever. Wha? How the heck could you possibly know that about my body? Use your powerful intuition and your super smart noodle to lead you forward.

My sister, Kayla Floyd says, "Know how to care for yourself without any emotion or blame." and I think that sums it up perfectly. Take care of yourself. Do what feels best for you and release any blame, shame or guilt associated. I know that many of you want to heal with food and positive thinking. I do too. I meditate daily to stay connected with the truth of my being. To know that I am pure potential and that I can allow my body to heal itself by itself. I trust that healing is happening in every moment and that each decision I make is for my whole health. And if I wake up tomorrow with a raging bladder infection you bet your ass I'll be taking antibiotics along side my water, cranberry tablets and affirmations that I am WHOLE HEALTH! I'm hoping you feel the lightness in all of this as I'm intending (and smiling as I type). The goal here is to empower you to trust yourself!

I don't live in fear of getting sick or needing to make those kinds of decisions. I trust that all is unfolding perfectly in my life and body. I make game time decisions based on what feels best for me in that moment. We take meds way too seriously. We take most things way too seriously. Remember that things only have the meaning we attach to them. Get still, ask your body what it needs, listen and then take action.

You've got this. And if you didn't know already, YOU ARE PERFECT HEALTH!

I love you, Lacy

How I stopped binge eating.

born into the light | Lacy Young

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.- Anais Nin

I slept like it was the night before a test last night. I woke up at 3 am when Ned’s feeder went off and was in and out of sleep through the wee hours of the morning. I had just drifted back to sleep when my alarm went off at 5:30 am. I got out of bed to stumble the 6 steps from the bedroom to the kitchen in our RV to turn off the alarm with a focused thought ---- ‘I am worth it. I am ready. Let’s do this!’ My desire for the life I want was (IS) so much bigger than my desire to slip back in between our toasty flannel sheets.

I dressed while peeing, brushed my teeth and rinsed my face. In the dark of the morning I sat at the front of the bus on our couch wrapped in blankets and wearing mittens feeling like a huge success. As I sat up straight and readied myself for meditation I realized that I’d conquered two of my (former) beliefs that ‘I am not a morning person and I hate to be cold.’ I giggled at myself as the guided meditation began. An hour later with my eyes still closed I could feel the light of morning all around me. I placed my left hand on my chest and with tears rolling down my face I gave thanks for all that I’d just seen, experienced and created in meditation.

I continued through the morning as planned. I smooched Cliff who was now awake too, made my morning elixir, sat with him in the living room talking about the day ahead. I then once again braved the cold to go outside and workout among the trees.

It is time for the next chapter. It is time for change. It is undeniable. It is happening and has already happened. It is.

The last time I had this feeling was 2012 when I stopped binge eating.

I was in Hawaii dog/house sitting for a new friend. I remember being excited to have a space to myself so that I could eat and drink whatever and as much as I wanted because after all, I deserve it! I went to the best local wine/ fine foods store around and bought a bottle of wine, a bottle of champagne, a 6 pack of beer, my favorite vegan cookie, tortilla chips, gourmet salsa and nice dark chocolate. I opened a beer and unwrapped my lemon poppy seed cookie. I wrapped the cookie in foil and placed it in the oven to warm. As I took my first sip of Negro Modelo I was awash with disappointment. Why wasn’t this fun? Why didn’t this beer taste like freedom? I pressed on thinking that maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for beer. When the cookie was warm I pulled it from the oven and unwrapped it like a package on Christmas morning. THIS was going to be amazing. I was going to eat the whole thing free of guilt and I was going to feel SO deliciously full that all my sadness and uncertainty would go away (at least for a little while).

I remember looking at the cookie there on the counter feeling that something was different. Why wasn’t this working? I knew before I ever tasted it that it wasn’t going to give me the love that I was looking for. I knew that only I could do that. I took a bite and started to cry. It was perfectly crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle just like I liked and it was ALL-wrong. I ate half of it and felt empty. I finished the beer and my heart and stomach began to ache. I tried the chips next, then the chocolate. I opened the wine and took a sip straight from the bottle. Everything tasted like bitter disappointment and a waste of money. I felt trapped, anxious and unsure of what to do next. There were so many feelings bursting from me and I felt like the world was closing in around me. I wondered if this is what a panic attack feels like?

I laid down on the floor curled in a ball alongside the dog and cried. I asked for help. For direction. For something to help me move from this consuming feeling of doom. I was replaying a movie montage of the most tragic and disappointing moments of my life on repeat. Comfort food and drink had let me down and I was left to feel and fully experience every excruciating sensation.

When I couldn’t cry anymore I peeled myself from the floor and asked the dog if he wanted to go for a ride. His innocent eyes and wagging tail exclaimed, Yes! Please! I got lost twice trying to find the grocery store with the most local and organic produce but finally found it. I came back and juiced enough for three days and sat down at the desk with sticky notes. I wrote down, ‘I will drink juice for the next three days.’ ‘I love my 153 pound body.’ That was my goal weight at the time. ‘I am safe to feel my feelings.’

When I was hungry or sad or angry or frustrated or disappointed or anything negative I did one of a few things… First I always took a breath and said, ‘Lacy, you’re going to be ok. This is ok. YOU ARE OK.’ Then I would shower. Or take the dog for a walk. Or stand outside and feel the sun on my face. I juiced almost exclusively for the next two weeks and not because I made myself or decided I'd suffer through. I did it because I wanted to and because each time I drank a juice I felt GOOD about myself. I felt the old story changing. I could see my future and that horribly sad movie montage lost it's power over me. Self loathing was being replaced with self love.

That was it. I was changed. I never binged again. The ability to successfully binge has been stripped from my being. I was no longer afraid to feel my feelings. I had grown in the darkness and been born into the light once again. I allowed myself the time to move from rigidity and fear into a safe and fluid space. I stopped looking and responding outwardly and embraced inward work. I allowed myself to see the truth that I was enough, always had been and always would be.

This next chapter of waking early, meditating and moving my body in a pleasurable way is me showing up for the life that I want to live. This is full out living. This is joyous living. This is creating my days.

I am sharing all of this with you real time to invite you to join me. I will be waking early and meditating, then working out 6 days a week for the month of March. I’m giving myself the gift of a month of inspired action. No excuses. At the end of the month I’ll circle back with what I’ve learned and decide where to go from here. A month feels really good for me. You can do a month too or start with a week. It’s totally up to you. There are no rules here. Just go with what feels most light in your body and go with what feels like a combo of scary/ exciting. That's when you'll know you've found it.

What step can you take to actively create your days? What kind of life do you want to live? Who do you want to be? This is the way change happens. You make a decision and then take steps that support that decision. My desire is to live a life free from suffering and to embody the WHOLE HEALTH that I am in every breath I take. My desire is for boundless energy to do the work that I LOVE in helping others find their way and tap into their infinite wisdom and potential.

Proclaim it today. Share here in the comments if you feel moved to or email me here. Let’s hold each other in the light of our desires! Let’s support each other to be our highest selves.

We can do this. YOU CAN DO THIS!

To freedom, Lacy

P.s. Just as I was about to publish this I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to check my phone. My dear friend sent me a text to say that three years ago today we were in Hawaii together. FULL ON GOOSEBUMPS. She was the one who introduced me to the friend that I dog/ house sat for. I went to Hawaii for some space, to make some decisions about my life and marriage and to learn how love myself. It was a truly difficult time and without my having to say anything she could sense that everything was shit and so she got on a plane to Hawaii and we spent a week together in a fancy hotel, driving around the island, devouring The Hunger Games series, drinking umbrella drinks, eating 'slightly expensive blocks of cheese' dinner and candling each others ears in the hotel room (thank god we didn’t burn the place down). We lovingly call it our “friendlymoon” because people kept mistaking us for a lesbian couple on our honeymoon. I’m forever changed for having been truly loved and seen. It was a week after she left that I had my moment in the kitchen with my former favorite lemon poppy seed cookie. I’m reminded that change starts with love and can’t help but feeling like all we did together and her presence there the week before gave me the strength I needed to move through the darkness. Thank you, Leigh. Thank you forever.

The unearthing of deep inexplicable joy.


I just returned home from a month long journey to Bali. Over the past few days I've been noticing how different I am. I know that people go on trips all the time and come home saying they've changed but... I really mean it. I am SO different than I was a little over a month ago. I have seemingly unlimited patience. My impatience used to be a running joke around here. Today I went to the post office to mail Kale Yeah T's (they are on sale 40% off btw, get em while they last). There was a HUGE line. Then killer traffic on the way home from the post office. It was mid way through the traffic that I realized that I wasn't bothered by any of it. Not the traffic, not the line, not the screaming kids, not the lady with the literal wagon full of boxes... I am so non-reactive. I am in awe. My stomach used to turn into knots in situations that were out of my control. I'd get anxious in lines, frustrated in traffic and now... Poof! GONE!

I'm quiet, contemplative and unapoligetically internal. I've been leaving my phone off most days unless I have a client call. I'm hardly on social media. Cliff and I are sitting and talking for hours on end. I feel space inside of me and around me. I feel peaceful. I'm observing my body adjusting back into this time zone and giving myself plenty of time to rest, to sleep when I feel like it and be awake when I feel like it. It's actually nearly 3 am as I'm writing this. Two words friends... Jet Lag! It's real.

I feel deeply loved and protected despite learning that when our home, our RV went in for service it was stripped of every electronic gadget and gizmo in the place. The TV was ripped off the wall, iPods gone, Jambox gone, brand new Roku still in the box (that was buried in a drawer) gone... and so much more. I am observing my reaction to it and how different I am in processing it all. I spoke with a representative of the shop and his only response was that Cliff signed a "not responsible for loss" waiver when he dropped it off. Wha? That doesn't mean it's ok to shop in our home. How can someone run a business that way?

In times past I would have gotten in my car and driven down there to speak yell at the owner or manager and demand resolution. The anger would have eaten me up from the inside out. Instead I saged our sweet little home and reminded myself that I am safe. I am loved. Somehow this is all for me. And I sent love to whoever took all our stuff. And to the guy who was zero help on the phone. And to the owner who has refused to take or return my calls. I will still be writing a Yelp review and filing an official complaint but with the intention of protecting other RV families instead of sticking it to this place.

Beyond that I'm reflecting on this feeling inside. This raw vulnerability of having our home violated in this way. Memories are flooding in from my life. Memories of times when people have wronged me and when I have wronged others. I'm seeing their faces, offering forgiveness and asking for forgiveness and it's painful. And cleansing.

See what I mean? Different!

As 2014 draws to a close I feel brand new. I feel ready for the coming year and I feel excited for what is ahead. In 2015 I'm expanding my work to honor the knowing inside that has been clearly speaking saying, "Lacy, it's time to offer more. It's time to share what you know, to let people in, to hold them close and love them deeply so that you may grow together, open and heal together. It's time."

And so... I am thrilled to announce The first retreat is going to be May 16 - 23, 2015 in Costa Rica. I'm calling it Shift and it's already being infused with so much love and careful attention to every detail.

Join me on a profound healing journey like nothing you have ever experienced. Join me for the transformation you have been waiting for. Join me for a journey into your true self.

If this is the right fit for you, you will you know. You'll feel it in your body. You'll feel it before you finish reading this page. And you'll bravely answer the call with YES. I will do this. I will trust this. YES.

The cure for anything is salt water -- sweat, tears, or the sea. - Isak Dinesen

This is for you if:

  • You want to better understand and experience higher states of consciousness.
  • You’ve felt blocked or stuck for some time and you’re ready to unclog those blocks
  • You want to understand how the universe works and what your purpose is in life.
  • You have an open heart and are willing to change. <—– You can do anything if you answer YES to this one!
  • You’re building a new business or you’re ready for your current business to grow.
  • If this is resonating with you on a level you can't quite explain.

This is also for you if:

  • You want to feel peaceful in your life. And joy. Heaps of joy.
  • You are ready to heal your body of physical and emotional pain.
  • You are feeling called to let go of unhealthy habits or addictive behaviors that are no longer serving you (ie. emotional or disordered eating, alcohol or cigarettes)
  • You are ready to heal past relationships and find a partner to share this life with.
  • You are looking for change in your career, in your relationship(s) and in your body.
  • You would like to feel empowered and hopeful.

This is not for you if:

  • You are not willing to invest your time and money in yourself.
  • You are not willing to explore new ways of thinking.
  • You would prefer to not share your experiences with other people or to listen to theirs.
  • You do not believe healing can happen in a matter of days.

What led me to this work?

To truly and fully heal you MUST be willing to feel and feel deeply, truthfully and consistently. Big shifts will happen if you trust that and practice it.

The past decade I’ve been on an intentional healing journey. Most recently I traveled to Bali because something unexplainable inside told me I needed to go. I’ve felt that call less than a dozen times my entire life and each time was nothing short of life changing. Bali was no exception. I have been meditating for years but what I learned and experienced in Bali created indelible changes in my body.

I watched in awe throughout the month-long trip as monumental internal shifts happened one after another. The space in my heart and belly where overwhelm and anxiety used to live cleared. My inability to truly cry was set free by meditations that invited movement of all that stuck energy. I will remember how it felt to release deep sobs and layers of profound grief for a long, long time to come. The feeling of being internally frayed all the time mended and was replaced with calm, even energy. And perhaps most notably, compassion has flooded the spaces in my body where anger used to rage. I was angry about everything from my parents divorce to feeling unheard as a child. You name it, I had anger about it. All that old reactivity is gone. All that pain has dissolved as a result of meditating.

I’ve never felt more free, light, alive, open and ready to share. Leading these retreats is an extension of doing the work I was meant to do in this life. It is my great hope that attending this retreat will be a rebirth for you, an opportunity to step into your power and become what you truly are. Together may we make the world a better place by helping those we love and each other to continue making empowering choices that raise the energy of all beings everywhere.

What exactly will we be doing?

“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.” - Clarissa Pinkola Estés

We will meet daily as a group for 7 days to meditate, talk, explore, write, rest, eat, relax, play, laugh, cry, heal and grow.

You’ll learn practical techniques and meditations to go deep within and to invite shifts so that you may know the truth of who you are. You will take mindful steps to invite healing and freedom from needless suffering. When you open up to this journey, you’ll learn how to listen to and connect with your intuition in ways that you’ve never experienced before. You’ll release old hurts both known and unknown. You’ll find joy. Serious, peaceful joy. You’ll feel the lightness that comes from eating life-giving foods. You’ll redefine self care. You’ll connect with other people who are on the path. You’ll feel tremendously loved and pampered by every detail. This is a course for individuals, an inward journey, but you are welcome to bring your partner if you’d like to experience this work side-by-side. You’ll leave with the tools you need to continue your work at home.

This is a non-denominational retreat. Our work will transcend religious and cultural barriers. It is ok if you’ve never meditated before and it’s ok if you have an established meditation practice. The only prerequisites are your desire and willingness to change. You can expect a loving and safe environment.

Our work together will be consistent, constructive and mutually nourishing.


The cost of the retreat covers our work together; 3 deliciously, consciously prepared organic vegetarian meals daily; transportation to and from the Liberia International Airport; your room and select activities. Choose from 3 different rooms with prices ranging from $2,880 to $3,730 for the week.

Option 1: Nature Suite

Nature Suites are located on a hillside overlooking the lush vegetation. They are natural wood frame structures and have private bathrooms with an outdoor shower overlooking the jungle. Each Suite sleeps two people and includes a separate enclosed porch with a desk. All Suites have solar hot water as well as air conditioning. The Suites are a short walk up the hill to the Main Building.

Single Room: $3,730 Shared Room: $3,305

Option 2: Hermitage

Many of these rooms have partial views of the ocean and others of the mountains nearby, a queen-sized bed, a private bathroom with solar hot water and a natural ventilation system. There are also a few Hermitage Rooms available with twin beds for two people.

Single Room: $3,330 Shared Room: $3,800

Option 3: Eco-Cottage

The cottages are beautifully situated in lush vegetation. They are natural wood frame structures with screening for natural ventilation. Each Cottage sleeps two people and has a private bathroom with solar hot water showers and everything runs on solar powered electricity to provide a comfortable and ecological setting. The Eco-Cottages are situated below the Main Building and involve a short hike up a stone stairway to get to the Main Building.

Single Room: $3,130 Shared Room: $2,880

Space is limited. If you have questions, contact me directly here.

Every wise culture knows that there are times that are important to walk out in the desert or in the mountains, or to go on retreat and listen." -Jack Kornfield

What clients are saying:

“Thank you so much for your love and being there for me. You will never know just how much it means to me. I believe whole-heartedly that you were sent to me to help me work through my issues. You have such a gentle way of nudging me to get to the root of issues that I deal with and of helping me put things in perspective. I would never have dreamed that a business coach would be so much more that strictly business planning. You have changed my life and continue to help me move towards being a healthier person. No other business coach would do that. You are so much more and I was meant to connect with you. You truly make my heart smile and help me feel complete. And it has been a long time since I have felt like that. Thank you!” – Tania

“I was looking for a spiritual teacher. It wasn't that I was broke or deeply unhappy or desperate in any way; I just had a sense that there was more to this life, and I wanted to go deeper. In my mind, I pictured this guide as an Indian man with a turban. Boy, was I surprised when I realized that it was actually Lacy from Texas. I told her things I've never told anyone, and I felt so safe, so HELD, so SEEN. I felt loved, welcomed, and at home with Lacy in a way I've never felt with anyone. And she told me the truth. She told me the TRUTH. Sometimes it hurt. Sometimes after our conversations, I had to sit with that truth for hours before it rested onto my bones and - every time - healed them. I've never met anyone like Lacy. I truly have no words. She embodies everything she teaches. It's healing just to be in her presence. Everyone needs this work. Everyone.” – Lindsey

Together we will share seven days of meditation, healing, and the unearthing of deep, inexplicable joy in Costa Rica.

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