The True Cost

I recently watched the documentary ‪#‎TheTrueCost‬ and my heart broke. It explores the impact of fashion, specifically the trend of "fast fashion" on people and the planet. It's a worthy watch if you've not seen it (it's on Netflix).

What I appreciate about this film is the expanded awareness it has brought into our home. Cliff and I will be buying differently from now on and I hope you will consider it too.

There's so much we can all do to help change things...

- One woman said, "Organic is no longer important, it's imperative" and it rocked me. It's not just about food anymore! Her husband died at 47 from pesticide related brain tumor. She is an organic cotton farmer in Texas.

- remember that everything we wear is touched by human hands

- our skin is our largest organ and what we put on it matters. that means beauty products and fabrics!

- we are not consumers... we are citizens of a global community with massive creative power. Question consumption.

- before you buy something new ask yourself if you'll wear it at least 30x. realize that most of the big box chains are offering bargain prices b/c they outsource to 3rd world countries where sweat shops are the norm. that means low cost labor and sub par working conditions for our fellow human beings

- ask questions about where your clothes are coming from

- look at the land as the basis of our life. take care of our Mother Earth

- remember that happiness is not in things even though marketing would tell you otherwise

- buy a few thoughtful pieces instead of cheap "throw away" clothing. it works great for capsule wardrobe essentialist types like us

- there's a great list of thoughtful brands on the movie website. Patagonia, Cuyana and Everlane are among them and the brands we've picked to shop with next. (I'm not an affiliate just sharing our intentions.)

‪#‎wecandobetter‬ ‪#‎weareone‬

p.s. the image is my side of our open closet at ‪#‎youngfamilycabin‬