cloud island, san blas, panama

My little brother went on an an epic journey last year and traveled to central and south America. He talked so much about one of his favorite places, the San Blas Islands in Panama. Mom decided she HAD to see them and I happily invited Cliff + me along. Months passed, Mom + Cody planned the trip, found a boat to charter, we all got tickets, mom + I got matching North Face backpacks (which I LOVE) and the big day arrived. Mother's Day. We all wake up early and get to the airport. We're checking in only to find out that Cliff's passport is not valid for travel to Panama. It didn't expire until June but apparently to travel to Panama your passport must be within 3 months of expiration. The bottom dropped out of my stomach, tears welled up and right there in the airport check in area I cried. And cried. And cried. Mom + Cody went on and we stayed behind hoping we could get it sorted out and join them the next day.

Be sure to check your passport expiration date and the regulations for the country you're traveling to well in advance of your travel!

The rest of that day we both felt sick. Helpless. Bummed. Disappointed. Frustrated. So many emotions. We did the best we could to move through it and keep (or more like --- just find) perspective. All these months later that feeling is still a gift. Going through the wave of emotions of facing a dilation again and all that is involved just scratched the surface of how helpless we felt that day. I know it's odd (and even feels a little trivial) that just missing a flight vs a legit health situation was a more severe feeling of helplessness but it's true. It's the beauty of contrast in life. Those really awful disappointments provide solid contrast to remind me it's not that bad. There are options and we're negotiating whatever it may be at the moment the best we can.

We came through the passport experience feeling so good about our partnership. We are a crazy good, totally effective team. The moment the check in clerk started waggling my passport in the air saying that the rest of us could go but not Cliff we clung together. I remember saying, "I'm not leaving him, give me my passport back please. I am NOT leaving him." We sprung into action. I got on the phone to the passport office to try and get an appointment. Cliff called our ride to come back and get us. We changed our tickets for the next day + moved through an imaginary check list of all the possible things that we could do to fix this asap + get back to the business of vacation! Silver lining... we were home to watch Game of Thrones that night. ha! But seriously.

passport office

The next day was all hurry up and wait and then all GO, GO, GO! We got the appointment at the passport office first thing in the morning. They said we could pick up the passport at 12:30. Wha? I don't know why but I expected we'd walk out with it that morning. Nope. Doesn't work that way. So... we went for brunch and came back to wait. Our flight was at 3:05 pm. At 12:30 his passport wasn't ready. They said maybe 1. Then 1 came and went. We're counting minutes now running the times over in our heads... we can still make it! I'm in the car making a reservation at the airport park + ride, keeping the getaway car running and waiting for Cliff to give the word that he's got his passport. When he finally texted that he had it and was headed down I pulled out, opened the door and he literally ran and jumped in. It was one of those laughter through total stress moments. All we could do is laugh. I used my expert daughter of a race car driver skills to get us to the airport as quickly as possible. We checked in with 1 minute to spare. 2:04pm. Once we cleared security we literally ran to our gate just in time for boarding. I sounded like Darth Vader in a foot race but we made it!

barely made it

We flew into Panama City, stayed the night in a hotel and the next morning got up at 4 am to catch another flight out to a small island in San Blas where the sail boat + mom + Cody would pick us up! The minute we got into the tiny plane to head to the islands it felt like vacation. Finally.


This was my favorite snorkeling spot. An old ship wreck.


See that tiny blue fish with blue polka dots! It's a Jewelfish. Incredible, right!


The swim deck was one of the most peaceful places on the boat. Just you and the sound of the ocean lapping against the boat.

DSC_0012 DSC_0022

The weather was impeccable the first few days. Sunshine, heat + humidity.


Then it got dark, rainy + moody. I love that we got to experience both.


I love the perspective on this one... little islands as far as the eye can see.

DSC_0099 DSC_0102 DSC_0127 DCIM100GOPRO

One of my favorite parts of sailing was getting up and going for a morning swim first thing. It felt like freedom to just off the boat into the water each morning.


This was our favorite island. Cloud Island. We found Conch shells here, swam in the pouring rain + ate coconut meat. It's one of the things I remember most from this trip. It rained so hard for a moment I could hardly see. I can almost smell the salt and feel the drips falling from my eye lashes.

photo 4-6

Aren't they beautiful, the shells I mean. Well us too ; )


We got matching shirts for the trip. Geeky, awesome + totally necessary to help minimize sun exposure and bug bites.


We stopped on a small island to buy bracelets + malas made by the Kuna women. The bracelets are tied on each time they wrap around your wrist or ankle. Kuna women wear them on both wrists and both ankles. I JUST took mine off a week ago pre-dilation procedure. I loved wearing it. It started to feel like my own version of a tattoo.

Malas are intricate hand stitched fabric squares. They use them in their clothing. We asked permission (and paid) to take a photo. This woman got dressed in her full attire for our photo. The island is inhabited by one family at a time. They will work there for several months and then return to the community island and another family will come out to sell to the tourists that sail by. They are small in stature, speak their own language but also Spanish (which is how we my little brother communicated with them. He was our translator the entire time and did an amazing job)! The Kuna people are a matriarchal society, when we paid the father he gave the money to the grandmother immediately. Love that.

san blas 2 San Blaslaundry master

Our state room.

save him

He's joking. Post this image jumped from the front of the boat into the water.

early morning departure

Early morning boat ride from the sail boat to shore to catch our flight back to Panama city.

photo 1-53

where mosquitos are born

This is the airport. They took our airport fees, I think it was $11 each or near that. Our bags were weighed with a handheld scale and then we waited and waited and waited for the little plane to arrive. I'm certain this is the birthplace of all mosquitoes and biting bugs known to man. We made a lot of bugs very happy that day.

photo 2-44

No wind. Just bugs.

photo 2-45 photo 1-54 photo 3-31 photo-47

These are the malas we selected. We chose one that was meant to be sewn into a shirt later so it was two complimentary pieces. Mom took one, we took the other. Last night I framed ours and hung it in the bathroom in our mobile abode (which prompted this big beautiful post).

photo 1-55 photo 2-46 photo 3-32

Dinner at the Panama Canal. It was awesome to watch the gates open and see the water levels rise and fall.

photo 5-16

Our final night in Panama. Penthouse views, LONG showers and air conditioning. Perfection.

I love traveling and I adore coming home. This vacation was a biggie for me. I got really clear on our decision to buy and move into an RV. Really clear. I unapologetically took care of myself at every turn even when that meant turning in early to read instead of listening to stories the captain and his wife were sharing. Older versions of me would have sat there, listened and nodded and gone to bed exhausted from ignoring my own needs. It's one of those little details that's actually really huge.

To Panana! To the beautiful Kuna people! And to gifts from the sea! Lacy

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Coconut Oil Rituals

Coconut Oil Rituals

Last night over dinner Cliff looked at me and said --- 'Hey- Valentine's Day is this week! What are we doing? Do we care?' I responded with a giggle and a -- 'Yeah! Uhhhh.... it is! You're going to be out of town. I think it's safe to say we don't care.'He says, 'Let's do something! What sounds good?'

Six years!

Cliff in Galveston Jan 2014

Last week Cliff made a stack of books that have changed his life.

books that have made a difference

I am in awe of this man. The way he lives so bravely, the way he seeks knowledge and holds himself to a standard of living in alignment with what he wants to create in this life. Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary and it feels like one big celebratory HIGH FIVE!

smoothie usThis is a smoothie that tastes way better than it looks!

I'm so proud that I let Cliff really, really love me, see me, know me. I'm so honored that he really, really let's me love him, see him, know him.

Marriage is cool.

xo, Lacy

Water Creatures

lacy and cliff mexico

I feel most at peace, most myself, most at home when I am in the ocean or on the beach with Cliff. Our trip to Catalina this summer is still fresh on my heart. We've just returned home from a family cruise last month to Mexico where we had another amazing water adventure, this time with dolphins! The cruise stopped in Cozumel and we decided to visit a National Park that had a little something for everyone. Cliff + I spent all our time going back and forth between snorkeling + sitting on the beach with a bucket of beer, chips + salsa!

After walking over to the pool to see the rest of the group I realize that there is a dolphin enclosure about 300 feet away from the edge of the snorkeling area and point it out to Cliff. You can see it to the right of us in the photo above. Though we are both WILDLY opposed to keeping dolphins in captivity for ticket sales and human entertainment we decide to swim over to see if we can see them. We get to the edge of the snorkeling area and are treading water right at the "do not cross this roped off area" line and I point out to Cliff in my best rule follower voice that we are not supposed to go over there. Cliff responds with a laugh and says "what are they going to do, make us get out of the water?" Fair enough, point well made. I so appreciate that Cliff reminds me to break the rules every now and then, to push the limits and go for it. I decide he's right and we cross the line. I felt like a total badass!

As we got closer I could hear the dolphins under water. The squeaking pulses telling each other that we were en route. I swam faster. As soon as we could, we hid under the dock out of sight from the trainers and tourists that were two enclosures over. We pulled ourselves under water using the mossy chain link fence leaving just our snorkels poking out of the water. The two dolphins were making circles around their water cage now swooping in close to check us out. As we held onto the fence they took turns coming up to us and poking their noses through the fence to touch us. For the next 20 minutes or more we took turns stroking their noses (is it called a nose?) and sending them love. I just kept repeating, I'm sorry you're here. Please forgive us. Thank you for this time! I love you!

It was exhilarating. It was heartbreaking. It was inspiring. It was exciting. It was moving. It was undeniable connection. We fantasized about setting them free. I wonder if they'd leave? I wonder if we'd have to go to Mexican jail? Would they know how to live in the wild again? So many questions that will be left unanswered but so much pure emotion from that magical experience that will stay with me for a long long time.

This year has been incredible for inspiring adventures! Wondering... What's that magical place for you? Where do you feel most at home?

xo, Lacy

I never thought I'd say this.

running lacy

It's a Sunday afternoon in July. We're all sweaty, red faced + breathing hard. I am feeling completely satisfied with myself. It's NOT what you think. For the first time in who knows how long I've just been running! It's nearly a month later and I am still in love!

post run shinepost run shine

THIS BOOK has changed our life. Literally. It completely transformed the way I think + feel about running. It completely changed the way that I run.

I've got long legs, I was always taught to spread out my stride and really cover ground. I was taught to inhale for three counts and exhale for three counts. To pump my arms hard and roll heel to toe through each step. That made running really hard which lead to my STRONG dislike of distance running.

In middle school I ran track because they made me. I was decent at hurdles, extremely mediocre at the mile relay and made a strong effort on high jump. In high school I was in drill team and only ran when I was told that I must (seeing a theme here?). Those glorious high school runs usually ended with dry heaving on the side of the track feeling angry, depleted and broken. I remember getting A LOT of shin splints. In college I did the Body For Life challenge a good half dozen times. I was always working towards the perfect swim suit body, it was all about results in those days. I wasn't concerned about health or well-being. I was willing to suffer for a flat stomach, toned arms and strong legs. I made suffering an art form. Running was necessary for getting the results the challenge promised and so I ran and loathed every step (I got the promised results about 3x). Running has NEVER brought me joy... until now.

we ARE runners!

I started Born to Run when I was in Hawaii. I got a few chapters in and put it down. I was enjoying it, intrigued by it but it wasn't resonating for me. I was in the midst of profound life change and had other work to do. Reminds me there's a season for everything. For some reason that Cliff and I still don't recall (feels divine) the book found it's way from me to him. He devoured every page and immediately started running.

I didn't notice for a while because he's always loved running. It was normal for him to go for a jog. What struck me as completely crazy was that he was getting up at the crack of dawn to go run before work and coming home FULL OF JOY. Every. Single. Day. I noticed that he stopped stretching before his runs. He'd just take off and GO. I noticed that his words changed. There was no more talk of "I need to run." All of a sudden he was saying "I can't wait to run." He got serious about chia seeds (ahem, which I had been telling him about forever). He drank noticeably more water. He bought new running shorts and got online to look for nearby trails. He came home with red feet from running barefoot on the track. I noticed but stayed solid on the fact that running was not my thing. Nope. Not for me. I don't run. I swim. I do yoga. I walk. I hike. I bike. I DON'T RUN.

mom runningFair warning... it's contagious! My mom is running now too!

And then one day something happened. I had a hard day. A really hard day. I knew that I needed to change something in my life and that soft, still voice inside was saying 'Move your beautiful body baby, get out there and GO! RUN!' And so I did. Right then. I already had the shoes. I've been wearing Vibrams for years now for walking, hiking, weight lifting but never running, because you know... I don't run. But that day in July I did. As I ran I remembered everything Cliff said about the book. Run on your toes not your heels, focusing on the outer ball of your foot, spread out your toes, run lightly as if sneaking up on Ned, arms relaxed in motion of the run, keep your spine straight and your head looking forward. TAKE SMALL STEPS. Breathe, relax, take in the sights and sounds around you.

Those first few runs all I could focus on was breathing and taking one step at a time and trying not to bounce. After that I was able to engage my core and check in with my body. Now I can actually look around and take in the colors of the sky, the grass. I listen to Pandora and sing along. I never thought I'd say this but I LOVE RUNNING!

This video helped me tremendously!

Go move your beautiful body! You'll be so glad you did! Love, Lacy

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It took my breath away.


We just got home from a week away in California. I'm pretty sure it's the first proper vacation that Cliff and I have been on together since our honeymoon in 2008. It was TIME and it was amazing.

us. self timer.Propped my phone on a rock with stick support. Self self timer (Gorillacam, love it!) + ran. Realized a few shots in we were not in frame. Did a little lean in adjustment and I think this one came out perfect. ha!

We spent a couple days on Catalina Island and I had the most incredible snorkeling experience of my life so far. Seriously it was right up there with the way I felt seeing the Grand Canyon at sunset on our move from California to Texas.

Cliff insisted that we go snorkeling but I was feeling like--- Meh- I could take it or leave it because the water is so cold! I'm so glad we did it. I'm so glad I got to experience it with Cliff.

I stood barefoot in my bikini with my mask + snorkel on gripping the metal side rail with all my might as people dressed in full scuba gear + wet suits head-to-toe made their way down the steps into the water ahead of me. Each concrete step down gradually changing from grey to green, slick from the sea. I watched Cliff as he let the water lap up over his feet a few steps ahead of me. He looked back at me with a face that said -damn it's cold- but without hesitating jumped in and waited for me to muster the bravery.

After what seemed like forever but was probably a good 5 + minutes of anticipation I squatted down and skimmed into the water with a shallow dive biting the snorkel and breathing rhythmically. The water took my breath away. I gasped through my snorkel making an audible sound into the water. I kicked my feet and moved my body as much as I could to warm up. Cliff reached out and laced his fingers between mine and lead me into the kelp forest. All of a sudden being cold didn't matter anymore. I was in AWE of the beauty around me.


Thirty feet or more of yellow and brown and orange sea kelp was utterly mesmerizing dancing with the ocean current. Schools of neon fish, bright orange Girabaldi and larger brownish fish swam beneath us. This trip was my first time to see a star fish in the ocean! It was big + orange + perfect. Cliff dove down deep, flipped and swam back to me once again taking my hand. It felt like we were playing in the biggest fish tank in the world.

Catalina Garibaldi in Kelp Forestsource

As we explored the preserve together I felt myself fall in love with him again. It was the the feeling of heart pounding excitement. Not knowing what to expect below the surface, getting outside my comfort zone being cold but knowing with absolute certainty that I had someone to explore with, that I have him to explore life with struck me to my bones.

I will remember this kelp forest, these moments, this day for a long time to come.



If you ever have the chance to go Catalina absolutely do! Absolutely go snorkeling. You'll be so glad you did!

To adventure + love under the sea! xo, Lacy

::May 2013::

May oh May it feels like you were a million years ago. When I think of you I just think EPIC. You were filled with so much good, all quality!

We celebrated Mema's birthday and surprised her with news that we'd be putting in backyard pathways around her gardens. I'm not sure I've ever seen her as happy as the day we mapped it all out and the day we broke ground and the the day it was all done!

Renewal Retreat in Austin with Aunt Mary + Kayla was all about healing and forward motion. I was just looking at my journal from that retreat yesterday. I am so grateful for people I met, the laughter + radiate sessions in our bedroom at night. Radiate sessions first started in February in Manzanita OR on retreat with Kelly Rae + friends and I love that they (the people from that weekend + radiate sessions) are a part of my life now.

The anniversary of Cliff's dad's passing came and went quietly. I don't feel him around anymore. I thought of him a lot on Memorial Day. He had some awesome war stories. I mean truly AWEsome.

I attended a weekend IIN conference and filled the inspirational well for my work as a health coach. Sat at my computer all weekend on Live Stream. It was totally worth it.

I flew to Boston to surprise my gf Leigh on her birthday. Just about peed my pants when I saw her release this card the week I was set to fly out. I already had my dressed picked out and the balloons planned. I showed up on her front porch and became an unintentional but totally cool living card. It was a super secret only Molly + Leigh's husband knew. From there I got to surprise all our friends one at a time. SO MUCH LOVE. SO MUCH FUN!

I got my haircut. Then cut my hair some more myself. Cliff started voice over acting classes. We went to Austin for a weekend getaway and saw Flight of the Butterflies in IMAX. Cried it was so beautiful.

I'm really loving doing these updates. Feels like the perfect virtual scrapbook.


p.s. Talk to you next week! We're headed out on VACA! Long awaited, much anticipated... my first time back to Cali since we moved to Texas! If you care to join us virtually you can follow along on Instagram!  

xo, Lacy

Go Confidently!

rooting for me all along

Ages ago Cliff and I chose photos of each other and frames for our bedside. The frame he chose had a Thoreau quote. I never understood why he chose it but last week at the renewal retreat it hit me like a million love arrows! A guy at the retreat, Dave (Jersey guy and a total love, he could easily become one of my favorite people) asked if anyone reads Thoreau + Walden and said that a particular quote struck him. He went on to say he had no idea why he was sharing this but he was just going with it. He was reading the quote from the frame on Cliff's bedside table! Everything inside of me went flush and then cartwheels and confetti inside. I was bursting with "HOLY CRAP HE IS SAYING THIS FOR ME!" That moment was for me to get it, to truly take it all in and I did.

Cliff has been manifesting for me, dreaming for me, rooting for me all along. All these years. I'm completely overwhelmed by this and so much love that has always surrounded me. I was just too busy, too stressed out, too everything to stop and notice. It was one of the biggest ah-ha moments, maybe ever.

I always knew intellectually that I was loved but to feel it in my body, to feel it to my bones just knocked me off my feet. The frame reads, " Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Life the life you've imagined." Side bar: I think it's totally cool that the image in the frame is of me in the airplane with a headset on and now I'm perusing learning to fly helicopters! Happy accident? I think not!

henry david

On the last day of the retreat Dave handed me a book. As I flipped through I found he'd marked the quote. Pretty awesome! Pretty freggin awesome!

To getting it! Lacy

Status Update

Got a text from Cliff yesterday morning that read, 'good morning my universe' It's my second favorite text behind 'on my way' that he sends each night when he comes home from work. Togetherness is good. Partnership is good. This love is good. Cliff + Kayla are both reading books about rewriting the past (quantum physics) and as we all explore into it I feel like life is full of Back To the Future moments (only in the good way). Thankfully, no one is losing an arm or in jeopardy of not being born. My family is in a really good place. We are all doing our own healing work simultaneously and it's full-body-goose-bump powerful.

Friends + family + clients send me pictures of themselves eating/ drinking their greens and I nearly burst into song each time. I am in awe of my life. I am in awe of this passion for healing + thriving through what we eat, drink and think. AWE. I think back to the days of withering on the vine in the cubicle, knowing I was meant for more but unable to fully grasp it. I remember sitting on the floor in my girl friends cube hiding from my boss crying or drinking or both. Thirsty Thursday was the upside of corporate America!

Still thinking about our road trip adventure last weekend to see the Bluebonnets in bloom. Fields of blue with families in their Sunday best out taking photos. The other photos are of Brenham, Texas on the square.

I can't believe we've almost been here a year. More adventures coming in the near future. Planning to Remember the Alamo next. And then off to find dinosaur footprints somewhere near Dallas. Seriously.

FULL on electrical storm last night with buckets + buckets of rain. Power went out and we already had our nightly candles burning for the evening unwind. Didn't miss a beat. I love the sound of rain. Amazing how when you're with someone that kind of weather is romantic but when you're home alone it's a little spooky. What's up with that?

Ned is asleep in my chair as I type and I'm sitting on the edge. This is becoming a regular scene around here.

Carrot, apple, ginger + lemon juice is begging to be made and so... I'm off!

XO, Lacy

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Status Update

din din

Oscars are on. Wine is poured. Completely satisfyingly simple dinner in the belly. Steamed broccoli. Noodles, spinach and basil from the garden, roasted garlic and olive oil with red pepper. Delish! Ned is purring, kneading the blanket on my lap and these moments are already my favorite of the week. As winners give their acceptance speeches we say what ours would be... Cliff says he'd say " lace, you're my inspiration to be a better person, the center of my Universe" and I say that I'd say "Thank you to my love, the warehouse where all good things are stored!"

I'm nearing my next food experiment... going RAW for the month of March! Feels scary, exciting and really, really BIG! My Aunt Mary has lead the charge on this experiment. I'm feeling super appreciative that my family is not only down for my crazy granola lifestyle but they often jump on board or in this case take the lead!

The year of *Genuine* is coming along with heart swelling results. I'm so aware of special moments when they're happening and on more than once occasion I've found myself saying "I am so glad I ordered this up from the universe."

Our green house is showing off and we applaud for it on the regular.

Went to Trader Joe's today in Houston and it's in an old movie theater. Completely awesome with re-done movie posters like Pulpy Fiction, Joe's (instead of Jaws) and The Cod Father. Well done, Trader Joe's! Well done!

Learning cupping this week and I could not be more excited. It's a treatment that has given me and continues to provide huge results. Good, good, so good!

Happy Sunday. May this week be full of moments that you ordered up from the universe!

Big love, Lacy