I'm Fine, Thanks.

im fine

Over the weekend we saw I'm Fine, Thanks. It went right down past the surface into that soft spot where experience lies. That little well in me that keeps tears on the ready for moments when I truly feel something. The documentary is about complacency, about living the American dream instead of your own dream. It's about getting lost along the way and realizing it. We easily could have been interviewed to be a part of the movie. On the car ride home we talked about how much change we've been through in the last 365 days. Writing that down I feel the magnitude of all those changes... well over 365 of them. I also feel the immeasurable lightness of coming out the other side, of doing the work and seeing it through. I remember that moment of awakening. The realization of THIS IS NOT WORKING. It hangs in my mind like a familiar smell, so readily accessible to take me back to that exact place in time. Thinking back on that day I feel my entire body respond--- I feel my chest tighten, my breath deepen and that feeling of OH SHIT this is going to hurt (but probably not more than it already does). It was a flood light onto the inevitability of our life... all the choices we'd made brought us to that moment in truth and we chose to fully own each and every one. We chose to forgive ourselves and each other in all the places that needing forgiving. We thanked our house for all the fun experiences we'd had there and then we started packing.

We lived that life that I'm Fine, Thanks touches on. I feel proud of our bravery to take the first step and then the second one.  We did the American dream and now we're doing OUR DREAM, individually and together! Our life is authentic and happy. We made tough decisions to get here, we let go of living in fairy tale land and started living in the truth.

Everyday. I'm. grateful.

This morning the fridge was making this puttering sound and the freedom of being a renter came over me. It's simply not my problem if that fridge continues to live or die. That's one of the magnificent details of my happy new life.

The dictated path is not the way it has to be, life is available to be lived and experienced however you choose. So many people are miserable doing what they feel they must. There's an awakening happening, people are getting that they have a choice and I love that. You can BE HAPPY! At some point enough is enough and you'll be willing to do whatever it takes to change your life, even move to Texas ; ). You don't have to cry on your way to work each day, or wait to see how stress will manifest itself in your body, choose your beautiful life, choose happiness and remember that kids are so adaptable and they want to see mamma and daddy happy. You will be so glad you did!

Oh and see the movie!

To awakening! Lacy

p.s. doesn't @houstondesigner Jamie House have the best bun head ever! The girls a beauty, through and through!




Big Fun & Little Cameo

Lisa is always up to something fun.  I got to do a wee cameo in one of her most recent projects, a blogging behind the scenes for Intel with The Glitter Guide. You can see her full post and the chickpea salad recipe here.

We are enrolling for our next Group Health Coaching Level 1 session beginning May 15th!  We have some exciting support box sponsors Sprout Skincare + Purely Elizabeth (more to be announced soon) and this round we're adding in virtual cooking classes with Lisa!

I just got an inspiring email from a recent Group Health Coaching participant that said she has lost 16 lbs since starting our Group Program!  Her boyfriend has lost 20!  You can read more testimonials here.

We'd love for you to join us!

Group Health Coaching: Foundations of Food
Begins May 15!

Have a wonderful day!  Tomorrow I'll be bringing you a fabulous and totally necessary lacylike DIY...Natural Mosquito Repellent!

XO, Lacy


Happy like a fool!

Remember when I posted about my favorite song lately... that led me to these prints which led me to thinking about what lyrics I really love enough to get printed and hang on my wall which led me to this song and these lyrics:  When you're happy like a fool, let it take you over! which led to me to hiring Crafts and Dogs to make me a custom graphic lyric poster which led to this...

Which lead to a huge smile!

Thanks Elizabeth of Crafts and Dogs!  I love it!


Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I did the CANCAN Cleanse and fell in love!  It's a 3-day mini cleanse.  You get three bags of jars filled with your cleanse treats.  8 jars per day with juices, teas, AN AMAZING SOUP at lunch and a truly yummy nut milk for evening.

The cleanse is meant to give your body a break from stress and toxins that can build up from everyday life.  It's of course ORGANIC which is a must and you can tell it's all made with love which goes a long way in my book.

I loved the predictable times and that I could carry the jars around with me.  I set an alarm on my phone for the three days to go off 10 mins before each "meal time."  In the midst of a very busy holiday it was one thing I didn't have to think about and that was incredible.  When the three days was over I wanted to do it for three more!  Now that's saying something!

If you're in the Bay Area I totally recommend you do a seasonal CANCAN Cleanse!  Yum-o!

Hope this finds you all feeling squeaky from your insides out!
With love,

Lovely Lisa

Hopefully you've seen our group coaching info this week and you're considering joining or if you'd be so kind pass it along to someone who you think the group would be perfect for!  This group is for any woman wanting to change her relationship with food through the holidays, a time when food can get the best of us.  I know I've spent my fair share of holidays past face first into one of my moms chocolate cream pies!

Today, I thought I'd spend a moment today telling you why I've teamed up with Lisa.

 Lisa and I first met at Breathe.   She worked at the front desk for some time and during that time we really connected.  Have you ever met someone where you feel so energized after spending time with them?  That's Lisa.  Each time she'd come to work I'd beam and feel lifted up by her presence.  It was the same for her. 

We kept in touch after she left to focus on her rapidly growing food blog and got together every once in a while to dream and catch up.  The conversation of how we'd collaborate has been on-going almost since day 1 of meeting each other.  Lisa asked me to help style a shoot for her for a magazine feature and I thought OH HOW MUCH FUN so of course I said yes, raided my studio of anything I thought would work and headed over to her place.  We spent the day shooting a fall pancake brunch (when the issue comes out I will post a little update so you can see it).  I folded napkins, fussed over twine and cutting out paper leaves to tie on pears while she moved around the table shooting.  It was effortless fun.  We talked and talked about our lives, our marriages, our work, what would come next. The idea of group coaching was a giant AH HA that filled the room.  We both found ourselves with stupid grins on our faces and a knowing that now lives inside to this day that says this is right.  

Lisa and I share very similar stories of sickness and health and food had much to do with our full recoveries once we were out of the hospital (hospital food won't get anyone well).  Food played the leading role in bringing us back to ourselves, leaving us feeling empowered and light.

Lisa focuses on gluten-free, making food accessible and beautiful.  I focus on whole foods, the whole person and choosing foods that nourish. Our philosophies translate so easily and can be applied to anyone.  The power of change in a group can be profound and you've got two passionate women ready and waiting to guide you along through the holidays and beyond.  Between the two of us chances are very high that we've been where you are at some point in our journey.  I am going to break it to you----you. are. not. alone. And because we have a penchant for making things beautiful the swag alone is worth the registration fee.  Just saying.

Lisa, you are dynamic. You are lovely.  Your passion for food and health inspires me.  I am so excited to see where this journey will take us. 

To health, to happiness and to feeling so inspired!