I am finding peace.

Dear Lacy! 

I wanted to share with you that things are going really well. I know we only officially had two sessions but wow, you are a powerful woman. THANK YOU for the bottom of my heart. You are wonderful!

My outlook has changed the last few months - I honestly no longer worry about work, which is such a huge step for me. It's hard to believe after all this time that I can do this. I have found myself to be much happier to deal with and I feel better about coming to work. I know it's a means to an end. I no longer check my email at home, etc and it feels very empowering. 

I have tried listening to the whispers and I am finding peace...

Food or meditation? Or both?

Dear Lacy,

We met in the laundry mat last week. I am the one who geeked out at recognizing you and your RV from Instagram! Thank you for being so gracious and for listening to my prattle on about my increasingly intense desire to start my own business and go to nutrition school like you did. There was something else I wish I'd asked you about before we left... I'm wondering about your retreat. Are you going to do any talking about food or will it all be meditation based? 

Thank you again for your kindness and be safe out there on the road,


Dear T,

It was so nice to meet you. I'm still giggling over it...

Reluctant to share

Dear Lacy,

How do I convince my husband that he NEEDS to come to your retreat? Help me help him! He values personal growth but is reluctant to share experiences with others in conversation. We have the money but he will be hesitant to spend it on this retreat. His doctors agree with me that he needs to add meditation to his life to help in healing his body. 

I welcome your thoughts on the matter!


Dear S,

Oh if I had the convincing power I'd be in a much different career path. What a sweet and passionate partner you are! I'm so touched by your desire to help your husband ...

Inner + Outer Chaos

Dear Lacy,

I felt so amazing after our last call and the week following was nearly effortless. I think Charles and I fought maybe once and it was just a small disagreement over eating with the tv on. You would have been proud of us we DID eat with it off and he even commented later on how nice it was. 

This week though everything has gone to "hell in a hand basket" and I'm not sure what to do. ...



I did it! I had an orgasm! MY FIRST EVER AND IT WAS EVERYTHING YOU SAID! I can't even begin to thank you for how amazing I feel. My girlfriend was in tears after. I was laughing hysterically. This is working! THIS ENTIRE PROCESS IS WORKING!



p.s. I can't have too many, right?



OH MY GAWD you just made my entire day. I'm laughing through tears reading ...

Being Seen

Dear Lacy,

Will you take a look at my instagram and let me know your impressions. I'm struggling. I'm trying to show up there daily and many times a day. It feels like the right thing to do but...

If I'm being honest I am afraid for people to see ME there and I know that's ridiculous since this is my business site... I'm just feeling so vulnerable about everything and I can't seem to shake it. ...