I'll be a verb.

I've found my word or it has found me.  At any rate it definitely feels like we are meant to spend the next year together.


1. Make or become lighter or brighter, to shed light on.
2. To relieve or be relieved of care or worry.

It's my intention is to lighten up.  Lighten financial worry, create a work/life balance that inspires happiness.  STOP being so hard on myself, refine, grow and emerge a happier, healthier Lacy. Continue to lighten up on our belongings (aka stuff)... keep what I love, what feeds me and donate what does not.  Surround myself with people that inspire me and bring light and love into my life.  So that's it.  All my heart, all my love and hopes for this year in one little word, lighten.  

My little sis and her husband are heading through the sky over the big blue ocean today and landing in a whole new life in Barcelona, Spain.  I can't imagine what they must be feeling.  We are all off to stand in the light in our own ways.  

Hope the light is shining brightly upon you today!  Happy New Year!

Did you pick a word?  What is it and what does it mean to you?  You are welcome to share!