Cleanse Support Set Up

Welcome to Tuesday and Support Set Up!

While you're the only on responsible for what goes into your mouth having a support team in place can mean the difference between completion and caving.  Here are a 4 suggestions for creating a support system for your upcoming cleanse!

1. Talk about it.
First and foremost talk with the people who you share a roof with.  Let them know that you're doing a 3-day juice cleanse and that you would like their support.  For some that means don't eat in front of me, don't ask me what's for dinner, don't order pizza... etc.  For others that might mean that everyone in the house is cleansing!  Ask each person for the appropriate level of support (don't be afraid to be specific with them).  Consider also letting your co-workers know in prep for Friday.  That way they won't bring the donuts by your desk or ask you out to lunch.  During the cleanse you'll begin to notice just how much of your life typically revolves around food, eating it, planning for when you're going to eat it, thinking about it...

2.  Set an intention.
My very first yoga class was over a decade ago and I'll never forget my first child's pose, forehead pressed to the mat-- my teacher, Rachel asking us to set our intention for the rest of the class.  The idea that I'd create a thought and hold it for 90 minutes was mind blowing.  That was the beginning of an intention filled life for me.  Perhaps this cleanse will be the beginning of intention filled eating for you?  Maybe that means you'll breathe and speak words of gratitude each time you feel a hunger grumble in your stomach or you will be a bit more kind, loving and patient with yourself then you normally are.

3. Plan Ahead.
This one is HUGE, especially for Friday since many of you will have to pack your juices to take to work.  Tomorrow I'll be giving you the menu and shopping list for the 3 days.  Consider making some or all of Friday's juices on Thursday night.  Definitely make the first two or three.  That way when you open the fridge it's all ready to go and there's a much smaller chance of self-sabotage. 

4. Simplify or even clear your calendar for the cleanse.
You'll want to allow time just for yourself.  Downtime to sleep, read, write, take walks, do gentle stretching, take a bath, etc... As your body detoxes you may experience emotional and/or physical reactions.  Give yourself full permission to practice extreme self care over these three days.  This might mean delegating cooking for the rest of the family to your partner.  Or sending your regrets for a previously scheduled social event.  Look around your life and home and see where you can simplify leading up to Friday.  You may also decide to physically clean house.  Clearing the clutter may give you a much needed boost in prep for the cleanse!

So how are you feeling!?  Getting excited! 
Feel free to post questions here or on the FB page. 
Have a wonderful day!

3-day Juice Cleanse begins Friday!
Monday:  Do More + Do Less Prep Steps
Tuesday:  Support Set Up
Wednesday: Shopping List + Recipes + Cleanse Schedule
Thursday:  Q + A // Tips for Success
Friday:  Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers!