Shift In The Making

Full circle today. I saw the vision of this retreat in Bali last November. It was a deep knowing that the intersection of nourishment and awareness is transformation and that IS my work. 

Before leaving Bali I purchased malas for the people who would be at my first retreat. I remember feeling so nervous and giddy when I purchased them wondering who they were for and curious if the faces that were clear in my vision would show up and say yes. Of course they did! 

Cliff and I sat with the malas today putting love and blessings for each person into them. As I took them off my neck to give them out I felt gratitude like I've never experienced before. They have all shifted. I've shifted too. 
Thank you for being witness to this journey! For the love you've always shown me here and for the celebration I've felt around honoring this knowing. We really are all lifted by being our true selves. 

Ready to shift?