Get Rowdy, Go Raw

heart in hand

♥ rock found at lunch today. Heart in hand for this journey... feels totally appropriate. My friend Kelly Rae is the heart rock queen and now I see them everywhere.

Today is my first day going totally raw. It's nearing 7 pm and I've had breakfast, lunch and dinner all RAW. So far feeling good in my belly and mind. I'm not missing anything. It actually feels a lot like a really good juice cleanse day. I was in a bit of a funk earlier today that has nothing to do with food. After nearly 5 years post op and easy breathing, lately breathing is not stellar. Bummed.


-Last night my final cooked meal for a month was my favorite... roasted Brussels sprouts! I ate the entire pan myself, washed it down with a dark beer and was completely satisfied.

-Leading up to this I've been eating more raw foods. Basically I was already doing a raw breakfast each morning with either smoothie or juice. I added raw lunches for the last week and have been eating cooked dinners. It was my way of leaning in and getting both physically and emotionally ready for the undertaking.

-I found a new instagram friend that has really lovely looking raw food. Double bonus is that she is going to post some easy raw vegan meals for me to try. So I'm pretty stoked on that. I love the internet community. Some of my besties have come from internet connections.


kale at Pat greers kitchen garden

kale in the yard outside Pat Greer's Kitchen. we had lunch there today in Houston.


-The why started off with my Aunt Mary sharing that she was going to give it a go. I thought it was an excellent idea and hopped on board. We started talking about it in January so we had plenty of time to get ready.

-This started off as a food experiment purely for experiment sake. I love a good experiment! As a health coach I lead lots of food/ life experiments with my clients. It's the best way I've found to find out what works best in your body right here, right now. We're always changing and the old adage of one man's food is another mans poison is so true!

-But as my breathing has become more labored in the last several months this seemed the perfect experiment to give my body every support and opportunity to heal itself.



-I feel ready for this. I feel calm but excited to see what unfolds. It's given me an opportunity to get really present to what I'm about to put into my body and that is always a good thing for me.

-Initial fears coming up are pretty simple... am I going to be hungry, grumpy or bored?


I started a video journal today for myself and didn't plan to share it but I decided why not... I want this experience to be totally authentic, totally real and of course totally RAW.

So that's day 1 in all it's glory! Til next update...

Raw leafy green love with a side of weird gloopy nut stuff that is totally delicious!


p.s. My sister wrote a blog post here that sums up the breathing stuff and will fill in some of the gaps.