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Shelby asked: Dried fruit, good? bad?

I'm a fan of dried fruit, specifically freeze-dried fruit. The argument is that fruit = sugar and sugar = crashing. Some people are more sugar sensitive than others so you have to decide what feels best in your beautiful bod. Bottom line is that dried fruit is great if it's listed as the only ingredient (like you've been purchasing). It's a nutrient rich snack, total score! Sounds like it's serving you well in the ways that you're using it! I LOVE keeping fruit on hand for travel, totally saves me in airports!

Some good tid bits on why I go for freeze-dried fruits...

-the freeze drying process pulls the 98% water out but leaves the taste, texture + nutrient content nearly 100% intact.

-you're totally eating astronaut food (you have my permission to feel very cool now) so the shelf life is a crazy long time which is rare for "real" food.

-they reconstitute like a dream! Freeze dried blueberries + strawberries are awesome in baked goods!

Thank you so much for your question!

XO Lacy