May I give you some permission?

lacy in marfa

This me at one of our latest stops in Marfa, Texas. That town is AMAZING. It's the best night sky I've seen in as long as I can remember and the vibe there is so laid back. We'll definitely be back. In my work I give a lot of permission. It's one of my favorite things to do. I give myself permission and ask my sister and husband to give me permission when I am needing it too. There's something about hearing it, feeling it, taking it into your being that allows for change. Here are a few permissions I've been giving out lately. I thought you might like them too. I hope one or many are heart zingers for you.

- BE who you are. - Don't grow up so much as grow into your best self. - When you speak about what you believe do so from your own experience. Sharing your experience feels so loving. - Take photos of things that inspire you. Share them. Don't worry about taking the perfect photo or looking a certain way. And if you're on Instagram come say hi, I'm @lacylike. It's still my very favorite internet community. - Eat food that makes you feel good in your belly. And proud. (hint: Twinkies are not a pride or health inducing food) - Stop buying home goods for a minute and start buying clothes that make you feel amazing. Seriously... You'll spend $3o on a candle at Anthro but not a new shirt that is going to make your eyes pop. Doooooo it already! - Make a new friend. On the internet or in real life. - Don't buy it unless you really love it. - Call someone you love everyday. Not a text. CALL. They may cry happy tears and let you know. Or you may never know how you added to their day. Either way it's always worth it. - Lay in the grass. Walk around barefoot. Let the sun shine on your face. - Challenge what healthy means to you. Fiercely. Remember we are all so different and your body knows what it needs. Create some space for it to speak to you and then diligently listen. If you don't know how, ask for help. - Get rid of something everyday for a month. See what opens up inside of you. - Go to happy hour and don't drink booze. The happy hour police are not going to get you. Or better yet skip happy hour and go for a walk with your bestie. - Trade up one of your beauty products for something made thoughtfully and organically. What you put on your skin soaks into your cells... choose something chemical free. Your cells want to shine, baby! - Congratulate yourself often. Washed the dishes? Tell yourself that you are the best dishwasher ever! Cleaned the clothes but didn't quite get to folding them? Tell yourself that's the most beautiful pile of clean fabrics you've ever seen! See how fun + uplifting it can be?

Permission granted, Lacy