The next chapter of the journey.


This year I chose the word Nourish as my word of the year.  In January I said 2012 would be full of "a deep feeling that all is right, it's all unfolding as it's meant to, that the best is now and the best is yet to come."  May I just say yeap, yeap, it is and it is! When I chose Nourish I had no idea I'd come to live in Hawaii for a time.  I knew only that the sea was calling me and at the time I thought that meant I would live by the sea with Cliff by way of moving to San Diego.  We'll I've been here in Hawaii for 2 and a half months literally living by the sea, I hear the waves crashing when I lay down for bed at night and I see the morning blue from the balcony when I wake up.  Things work out so perfectly even when they're not exactly the way you thought they would.

Several weeks ago I was saying how much I miss road trips with Cliff and the adventures we take together.  I'm laughing now as I think about the road trip ahead of us and the grand adventure we are about to embark on... me, Cliff, all our stuff and our two fur face kids are moving to Texas!  We are headed to the state of my birth (and Ned's) just in time for my little sister to give birth to her first child, a daughter!

Today is a week until I am back in San Jose!  Wahooooooooo!  And then shortly there after we'll load up and hit the road!  From Hawaii to California to Texas!  I'll be posting on Instagram wee, wee, wee all the way home!

I realized the other day that our wedding vows spoke of California and Texas (so perfect).  When Cliff said I will honor and love you, even in Texas it was funny and sweet.  Neither one of us ever thought we'd be moving to Texas.  Oh how time changes things!  I had this print made as a surprise for Cliff via DefineDesignEleven at Etsy.  Sandrine was SO fast and so lovely!  The print is already in Texas waiting for us to get there!

Off to the beach, 7 more days of sand and sea for me! XO Lacy