::April 2013::

All the sudden it's June and I'm behind on my months in review! How is it that always happens around summer? Summer gets here and the last few months fade into the background? Nothing a quick download of my instagram photos won't fix! I use Instaport to download + save my photos to my desktop. Ok so April...

- Cliff went to Cali. His first time back since we moved to Texas. It was surreal for us both. He got to see friends we miss, eat food we love and spend QT with his mom. I still haven't been back and truth be told if I could go for even a day I would. I'd get my brows waxed with Jenn, get my haircut with Silvia, go to the beach, eat at Tandoori Oven + Aqui and hug about a half dozen friends good and tight!

- We found a baby opossum in our backyard and Cliff helped it get back over the fence to it's mama.

- Co-lead my first webinar on eating raw food with my Aunt! It was electric, exciting and so easy. It just flowed. Mary shared her raw food experiment + tremendous results (weight loss in the double digits). Here's a reCap of my Raw Food experiment if you're interested.

- Aunt Mary and I did a service day and planted trees. Lots and lots of little seedlings got pots to grow up in and when they're ready they will get planted in areas of Texas that have been deforested.

- I drank a lot of smoothies and ate really simply. Baked cabbage became Cliff's favorite, maybe ever.

- I went on a renewal retreat with my sis and aunt. It was healing. Transformative. Inspiring. So many things clicked into place at that retreat... I realized how much love and support I have in my life.

- My gf Monet took me to Sheldon Reserve for a walk + talk. It was just what I needed that day. It's a total find around here. Actual beautiful nature tucked away from it all but so close!

- The first batch of Kale Yeah stickers arrived and I started mailing those babies out into the world! And I put out my  FREE juicing poster for perfect green juice combos every time! If you'd like to help spread the Kale Yeah! message I'm still sending stickers out!

- Went to the Women's expo with Aunt Mary, Mom + Mema. Derrick (my cousin) + Jaymi's house warming later that day. Cutest house ever. It's so perfect for them.

- And last be certainly not least I did my first helicopter ride... officially bitten by the flying bug.

Wow April you were pretty awesome! I love how everywhere we've been leads to where we are. I love tracking back. I love remembering where I was, what I was doing, who I was with. It takes me right back to what I was feeling, what was stirring inside, what I was excited about, worrying about, thinking about and working on.