::December 2013::

day in the lifeDecember day in the life. I wake + water. Big into water in the morning at the moment. I drink up to 22 oz before getting out of bed. Or I get up and pee and get back in bed to drink my water. Probably TMI - but I use the water for 1. helping to get my system going in the morning and 2. to aid in getting rid of the last bit of weight I was working to lose. His and hers house shoes on the daily b/c it's COLD. Morning smoothie to get greens and super foods into my body first thing. And then work in my home office with Ned.

snow storm! two littles peacefulbe kind on the plane

  • Went to Boston for my annual December trip to visit friend and this time got to meet Leigh's perfect little people, Graham and Ruby. They're wonderfully different in every way except that they are twins. Leigh wrote a super sweet blog post about them over here.
  • It SNOWED and I geeked out (no snow where I live)! It was so beautiful!
  • Enroute home a 3 year old girl was throwing an all out screaming at the top of her lungs tantrum. I slipped her mama a free drink coupon and a sweet note to hang in there. It was an awesome moment. More about it here.
  • Chloe ate her first vegan pancakes and totally loved it! They've become a staple when we are in the mood for a breakfast treat. Highly recommend! Cliff makes the pancakes, I make the mimosas.
  • I got a surprise Christmas gift from Buck + Libby that was completely RAD!
  • CODY CAME HOME from his 6 month journey to South and Central America!
  • We made the rounds for Christmas and were done by the 23rd. A big perk of living nearby our family there was almost no travel and complete ease. We spent Christmas day just the two of us. My fave gifts from Cliff were a super sharp knife + a guitar! Fave, fave, fave gift was my soul make necklace from my mom. Best Christmas I can remember in years.
  • Got to meet Fully Raw Kristina at a raw foods class she taught. Gave her some of my Kale Yeah stickers and she said "OMG I have this sticker!" Pretty cool moment. Love the work she's doing getting more fruits and veggies into peoples lives! Wellness warriors unite!
  • Set my calendar for the first 6 months of 2014. Three eCourses in the line up this year and heading towards three group classes. This is going to be a big growth year. Excited + ready!

christmas at dadsus

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So proud that I completed a years worth of photo journaling here! Here's what I remember most about the year.

January Portland. Atlanta. My 34th birthday - stayed at the Icon Hotel in Houston (love that place). Amazing birthday weekend. February Our 5 year wedding anniversary. Manzanita, OR for a girls weekend that would change everything. Dinner with Tim + Mich at Uch which can only be described as a religious experience. March Best weather of the year. Road trip to show Cliff Bluebonnets. Color Run! April HELICOPER ride! May Boston + Austin. Retreat with Mary + Kayla that was amazing. June Went to Dallas to see friends. Lots of swimming laps with Cliff. Best laughter of the year with Cliff while he was reading his story about The Hinge. Cody left for his adventure and perhaps the biggest... we put in backyard pathways for Mema. Cut the grass out and left the most gorgeous stone pathways. July Was FULL. Ned turned 13. Chloe turned 1. I started Barefoot running. Went to Boston for a baby shower. Went to Santa Barbara on vaca with Cliff. Had the MOST magical time underwater ever in Catalina. Saw John Mayer with Aunt Mary. August We went to Vegas to celebrate my little sis turning 21! September Incredible experience with dolphins. October My APP came out! Cliff did a Tough Mudder in what felt like a zillion degree heat. November I ran a mile a day and it changed my life.