Hello Monday!

It's nearly 6 pm and I just got home from a most productive but long work day.  I was outta the house all day (hence the oh so late blog post).  One of my favorite things about building a new yoga studio is that every day is different.  There is a new project within the project around every corner so it keeps me busy and keeps my attention!  Today was marketing, advertising and planning the Grand Opening event.  Aaand I managed to add in a lunch with gal pals to boot!

Here's a few random recents from the weekend and today!

We met some friends at the coast and spent the night in their RV on Satruday night. There's something so magic about getting in the car and heading away from home.  No piles of laundry to wash, no computer just begging to be logged into, ...just each other, just reset, just good!

Fernando and Carole thank you so much for having us!

Fresh faced and fresh outta the rain!

Guac, good.

Rain on the windows, happy bird getting a bath!

Aaand of course what's a good cut and blow out without a corresponding long arm!

From lunch today! With the always beautiful Maggie!

Have a wonderful week all!
Check back tomorrow for a super duper cute Lacylike Latest!