Let's get cooking!

Last week I photographed a cooking class hosted by my friend Jennifer.  Anika is a holistic chef and beyond darling!  **Side note, I really love the power of 'darling' and the way you immediately know she was cute beyond words but the word itself makes me feel a wee bit old saying it... I mean aren't grandmothers supposed to say darling?**  Anyway back on point, you know when you meet someone and you want to just hug them and immediately say "OH Let's Be Friends" but instead you just shake hands and say 'how do you do'  that's how it was for me meeting Anika.

She's what I want for my Christmas!  She will come to your house and be your personal chef for $45 an hour plus the cost of food.  Not only that, the kitchen is left spotless, the food labeled in your fridge with little notes on how to re heat- c'mon what's not to love!

full set from the night here.

 truly unusual, the only photo of me from the night
 making ghee
 kitchari, my fave new recipe
 the kitchari supplies
 eat food, mostly plants, not that much (thank you Michael Pollan)
 Anika chops, Jen talking on herbs
 hemp tortillas are soo good
 at work