On Happiness.

Cliff, Kayla, Aunt Mary and I have been having this on-going conversation on Happiness. Why is it that Americans seem to think that life means self imposed suffering? Like why stay in a job you hate that totally depletes you b/c you have a mortgage, commitments, bills, etc? We all have commitments, it's part of life but what if we started living our lives based on what made us happy and healthy instead of what we should do?

Betcha we'd all crack right open and live HAPPY!

I get it... it's hard to take the leap, to be brave and live your best life! That's why so many people don't do it. And all too often it takes stress that leads to sickness, severe sickness like some awful cancer to wake us up to the possibility of making the choice that is best for our life and health. Why wait for sickness choose health? Be brave. Live the life you want. Do it! As a result I betcha you'll receive unparalleled support from your tribe and when it comes down to losing the roof over your head because you choose the road less traveled you will always have a soft spot to land among friends and family. Homes, cars, possessions can be bought and sold, won and lost--- but happiness, true happiness, self confidence and personal success, you just can't buy those.

Maybe this is one of those things you read and dismiss thinking-- Ok Lacy's gone crazy or ate berries off that tree you're never supposed to eat off of... but it's where I'm at and I felt like it was worthy of sharing.