I am asked all the time why I blog. In fact I think I've done a similar blog before although I could be making that up. You know the why changes all the time but these past few months it's been about connection. Connection with my family that lives oh so far away. Connection with new friends that I would have never met otherwise. Connection with myself.

Aunt Mary says that it helps her feel closer to me by being able to see what's going on in my days. Mema reads everyday and I think Mom does too. Aaaand I recently learned that my brother-in-law reads my blog! Yippie a boy reader besides my man!

Stay with me... sooo Carmen was a follower of my blog. I never really used the follower tool but after meeting Carmen I am a believer. I blogged a thank you to Kayla for a beautiful posting after my 1 year anniversary for my tracheal surgery and Carmen read that blog and commented on Kayla's blog. That lead Kayla to Carmen's blog and her Etsy store where she fell in oooey gooey good stuff love with Carmen's work. I got an email from Kayla and had several phone conversations about making a space of her own and how Carmen's work had affected her. --------Yeah I told you to stay with me on this one... it's long and great! Sooo Carmen had a giveaway on her blog and I said something to the effect of PICK ME PICK ME, it will be a gift to my little sis who is so in love with your work. Soooo then Carmen who's been trying to honor and listen to those little whispers that say "put yourself out there more" decided to gift Kayla and ME a custom piece! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I know! SO TOUCHING! SO COOL!

So Kayla got her piece a while ago and mine is somewhere between California and Florida trying to find me. I was going to wait to post this until I had my little love gift in hand and could show you photos but after finishing and mailing off my reciprocal love gift and then seeing Carmen's post last night it was time!

Can't you just feel the love!? It is really quite cool.

What I appreciate so tremendously about blogging is the connection that I've experienced with other women, specifically fellow creatives like Carmen and Leigh Ann who work with their hands making little pieces of love. For a long time it seemed like a lost art to create things for yourself, for your home, for your loved ones. I am grateful for the handmade movement!

I grew up in a home that was filled with handmade love. Quilts that my great grandmother made that I have pictures on as a baby and still snuggle up with 30 years later. Christmas dolls, bears, ornaments, yo-yo garland all crafted with my mom's loving giggle and methodical stitches. There is still nothing better than wrapping up in my t shirt quilt that mom made. It's full of all my favorite high school t's (yes, I was one of those who liked HS) and it is just the best. I usually bring it out around the winter holidays. It reminds me of home and a giant hug.

Thank you, Carmen for the giant hug! I can't wait to receive my first second piece of your art. : ) Here's hoping the mail man can execute on this one!

Love love love!