I'm a local girl.

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Going to the farmers market is one of our very favorite things. When we lived in San Jose we'd visit the Campbell market every weekend, usually via the scooter! Now that we're in Houston we're out exploring which market will be our usual. We buy as many of our weekly veggies as we can at the local farmers market along with anything that's in season and looking amazing at the moment and sometimes a fabulous loaf of bread or local honey. There's the occasional trip to the falafel stand too.

This was near closing and we got all this broccoli for 2 bucks!  You get THE BEST deals when vendors are getting ready to pack up for the day! 
This is Cliff's M.O. always chatting up the local honey or jam vendors.
So are you eating local?

Here are 5 reasons why I feel eating local is a brilliant practice!

1. Fresher is better. Eating locally is amazing for your body b/c it's picked at the height of ripeness making the fruit or veggie much more nutritionally dense. It tastes better, it's better for you and most of the time it is grown organically or with MUCH less pesticides.

2. It helps your local economy & saves on fuel! Local food comes from close by avoiding long-distance transport. By the time the food gets to you (when it's transported a long way) it's life force energy has diminished making it less nutritionally power packed. aaand If it was shipped in huge containers it's likely been trampled on by rodents and pests [EW!].

The farmer benefits from your purchase giving small farmers a chance to survive.  In the age of big agribusiness it's getting harder and harder for small operations to stay afloat. You get to vote with ever dollar you spend and keeping local quality of life high is better for everyone!

3. Variety! You'll get access to fruits and veggies that you can't find in the grocery store. I'm always delighted to find heirloom varieties, colorful cauliflowers, squash blossoms and skinny celery.

4. Cost in every sense of the word. I've found the Farmers markets to be the same if not less than the grocery store prices.  Even in times when I've paid more than the grocery store (usually for avocado and amazing, totally worth it---organic berries) it's worth the extra pennies. Conventional farming has tons of  hidden costs in regards to environmental and health consequences due to production practices. There are things happening behind the scenes that you can't see in the shiny wax coated produce stacked in the grocery store. Water supplies are getting polluted by agricultural pesticide runoff leaving farmers, consumers and animals suffering sickness. Umm I don't want my food coated in wax and I don't want animals or people to get sick from practices that do not have to be happening.

5. Sustainability + Good Dirt! To grow great crops you need great soil. Conventional farming practices are depleting the fertility of our soil (that sounds serious doesn't it). Soil fertility is the major objective for organic farmers and I appreciate that very much!

If you're not already I hope you'll consider visiting your local farmers market!

Lots of organic veggie love, Lacy

photo credit (all): Mary Green <3