Long Day, Good Progress

IT WAS A LONG DAY, ALL CAPS, LONG DAY but... Look! So so much good progress today. The only downside... it's 8:15 pm and I have to be back at 8:00 am. Ummm I don't like to get up at 8 on the weekday and 8 on a Saturday well you know. Anyway I will stop complaining. Look at all our pretty work!

You'll come to this part of the desk to check in and get your rental towel and mat if you need. Picture me standing there smiling at you!
This space is going to become a chill-ax area/ water station. I have some really cool stuff left to do in this area but we are waiting for the rest of the inspections. Stay tuned!

A frilly little touch for the girls room which makes me smile.

Ok I am off to drink a Newcastle and soak my feet because standing on concrete for 10 hours does not make my feetsies happy. Hope you get to sleep in tomorrow! Love love love, Lacy