The home tour continues

Ta da! Here's the cork mat. I think it looks like the beginnings of a cork walkway! How cute would that be! I could see it wandering it's way through a garden somewhere. What an undertaking that would be.

And now for a little story about laundry. There once was a girl named Lacy who hated to fold and put away laundry. She married a boy named Cliff and he hated to fold and put away the laundry too.

They very carefully cleaned, softened and dried their laundry but then was unable to fold and put it away. Lacy was certain that an evil force was trying to make her home messy so one day she and her prince decided to conquer the evil force and put away the laundry. They folded and folded and folded some more.

A couple of times Lacy got lost in the laundry pile and Cliff had to pull her out with a chain of socks tied together. A year later all the laundry was folded and neatly hung and put away. From them on they decided they'd better just stay naked so as to not dirty any more clothes and invite evil laundry piles into their life. And they lived happily ever after with their 100 children. Turns out being naked all the time wasn't the best idea. LOL

So here's the before... yes I know it's shameful but I swear they are all clean!

and drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the after and a look at Cliff's newly re arranged office!

The coolest thing about making this room come together is that we used everything we already had and didn't spend a dime. I LOVE THAT! See the evolution of this room here and here.
I am planning to fashion a fabric skirt around the desk on three sides so that it covers all the cord chaos and ugliness. I am thinking I'll velcro it on. Any ideas on fabric choice?

Cliff loves his books and it was important for me to give him a place in here to keep them all near. My fave spot in this room is now the book shelf pictured above. We pushed it against the wall and placed the cable box and tv in it as a make shift entertainment center and book storage. I've had that shelf since college. It's been a pantry, a shoe shelf, a clothes closet, a utility shelf, a china cabinet and now it finally gets to be a book shelf/ entertainment center.

Next on the list is my studio. It needs some serious clean out and organization! My littlest sis is coming to work for me this summer so you'll see lots of supplies listed on Etsy in a few weeks. We are calling it our Summer of Love Blow Out Supply Special! Yeah, say that 5x fast!

Hope this finds you happily puttering around your love nest.