We were not alone!

Cliff just home from work and told me that 30 people who had RSVP'ed for the party missed the boat! I wonder what the cruise people did with all that left over ravioli and chicken? Those were our choices. We had ordered one of each and planned to share but our Indian cuisine was much better than banquet food would have been. And the night proved to be really special... one of those where you say all kinds of things that usually go unsaid but should be said all the time. Little stuff like I appreciate that you took out the trash and big stuff like I am so glad you are mine!

We are snuggled in with a fire and going to watch an old movie called Always. Old meaning it's hay day was in the 80's, Cliff just hollered from the kitchen "like me." Oh we crack ourselves up.

Happy weekend! Hope this finds you all snugly too and ready for Christmas!