Let's talk about inspiration.

What do you need inspiration for in your life?
How do you remain creatively alive? Awake in life and love? What is inspiring for you?

Music? My fave thing is to turn this on and do yoga in my living room. Just flowing and moving with the music. It's so powerful for me.

Here are a few of mine...

No one ever got anywhere by blending in. If you live your life in the shadows you might never grow to your full potential. Be brave because you are amazing. You are beautiful and wonderful. You inspire someone in your life and might not even know it. You are loved by more people than you know and you deserve every happiness. Life can be full and rich and good and happy.

The beach?

Decorating or loving your space?
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Bubble baths?
I couldn't find a picture that I love so you get a story. My mom loves baths. When we were little (little meaning from the time we could talk through high school - ha) it was supposed to be her moment of sanity yet we'd always have something totally important and pressing that required her attention and we'd fling open the door, take seat on the toilet and begin talking. I have a feeling that one day I just might get paid back for that one. Sorry mom! I wish you hours and hours of uninterrupted bath time that soothes your body, heals the spirit and awakens inspiration inside.

Kisses? Or maybe that moment just before you kiss.
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Whatever it is that keeps you inspired in life I hope that you have a little of it today. xo, Lacy