When you miss someone

What do you miss first about them?  For me it's almost always their laugh.  I L O V E to laugh and see other people in pure gut busting release!  There's a joy in watching someones face light up and in Kayla's case watching her laugh so hard that she goes through the phases of hard belly laughs, near silent laughter, squealing, not being able to breathe, coming back round and doing it all over again.  Her laugh is epic!

Kayla is a mere 30 days from finishing up at her job and then she and her husband are moving to Barcelona, Spain for Brian to complete his Masters in Business and for Kayla to enjoy life the Spanish way.  They've boldly removed all obstacles from their life by selling their home and Kayla quitting her job.  They had a mega garage sale (side bar--- Kayla can make more money hosting a garage sale then anyone I've ever met, it's a talent for sure), they've rented storage for the things they will want to hold onto and they've been subletting a furnished condo until they move.  They call it Condo Condo, so nice you have to say it twice only it's not that nice.  It's adequate, it's reminiscent of living in a beach house with it's one tiny bathroom, cold tile floors and a make due kitchen but it's a magical place.

While I was with Kayla for her surgery last month their love and joy was unmistakable in Condo Condo.  Kayla and Brian have always been happy but I've never seen them this happy!  I liken it to when the kids go off to college and see mom and dad traveling around and dancing in the kitchen again when they used to only dance in spurts before.  They've freed themselves by letting go of what society told them they should do, they've turned their someday into 30 days from now and I am completely inspired.

So on this Monday morning take a minute to think about what obstacle(s) you'd remove from your life to send you right into your bliss!  I'd love to hear if you want to share.

Wishing you a life full of magic!
All my best,