The house where plaid lives.

Cliff's family has a cabin in the woods right in the middle of nowhere.
One day it will be ours.  We have grand plans for honoring the retreat that it is.
The night skies look like they were the inspiration for planetariums.
Plaid and flannel are the preferred dress options.
The air is crisp and cool this time of year.
The leaves are a symphony of color.
Options for exploring are endless.

Deer greeter. 

The "driveway"
We brought The Hinge.  
She's a travel cat and has been coming to the cabin since she was brand new.   
Hello love!
I love the damp forest and the moss growing everywhere. 
Baby pine cone.
Something old.  The grounds are full of cool old things like this that Cliff's dad collected.
Morning coffee and walk around. 
Good morning faces!
Sleeper Hinge. :)
Wild berries. 
Front porch friend.
Signs of Autumn.
The walk down to the pump house.
Headed home to Ned!


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!