A letter to little me.

happy fathers day

My dad and step mom are on a cruise so it was a virtual Father's Day wish yesterday via a little nostalgia. Looking through old photos so much came rushing in. I love this picture. I have so many favorite photos of me around this age. I can't help but look at old photos and think of that little girl as someone totally separate from me. Do you do that too? Do you see little you and want to send her messages from the future? After seeing this photo I wrote her a letter... Dearest Lacy,

You are so wonderfully carefree + cute in your little yellow bikini! You're going to have lots of bikinis in your life, wear them proudly! You have a beautiful body! Be proud of it! Celebrate, explore, honor, have fun and take care of your body.

You are so completely loved and right now you know it. Remember that, it will always be true.

Lacy, thank you for being so unafraid and so bold. Your voice is very powerful. Please promise me that you will use it. Don't shrink when people call you bossy and shhhh you. Figure out what your truth is and stand by it even when it is really, really hard. Even if it means standing alone. I will be there with you. It will always be worth it.

You are smart, so very smart and please listen to your Mema when she says "Hun, you can do anything you want to do." She's right. She knows what she's talking about. Do your "cute little girl with a cute little figure dance" you're such a good dancer and those long legs are going to serve you well in life. Be proud of your height. Don't worry, you won't be taller than the boys forever.

Hey, heads up for 6th grade, it's kind of a shit show. A boy is going to tease you in gym class. Don't spray him in the face with your hairspray even though you're going to really, really want to. You'll make your mother cry and get into HUGE trouble. Also, skip that haircut at Visible Changes in the mall. You're going to walk out of there with one side way shorter than the other and it will take forever to grow out. Oh, and don't ride your bike Kinkos. Some crazy man will run over with his car on your pink bike. Hit and run. Seriously, it leaves a mark. Gosh--- just maintain a huge sense of humor for all the middle school years. It's all going to be ok. I promise. High school gets way better. You're going to fall in love! Enjoy every sweet second like I know you will. It's going to be a freaking blast!

Your little sister is your forever friend. Be nice to her, ok. She's your safe place, it's ok to share your secrets with her. She will always be there for you.

Sweet girl your life is going to unfold absolutely perfectly. Trust in the journey, you get to live a long life so remember there's plenty of time.  Don't take yourself too seriously. You're funny. You're really, really funny. Enjoy laughter. Start practicing yoga sooner than later it's going to teach you how to let go and how to go within. Love unapologetically and know that big wonderful true love is going to wash over and consume you many times. In the very best of ways love will always lead you home. Let it in, allow others to love you. Write letters. Believe in your dreams, all of them! Write them down, especially the really big ones and watch as life conspires in your favor.

It's ok to feel your feelings deeply. Learn how to forgive yourself. Learn how to forgive others. Speaking of... practice kindness especially with your parents. They're doing the best they can. See them as people (and not just your parents) as soon as you can. They're really cool people.

It's ok to change course quickly. You don't have to stay at a job if you don't like it. It doesn't matter how your life looks on paper. You get to decide what's best for you. Listen to your intuition, it's always right. Follow your heart and be brave. Do what feels best for you.

And remember, I will always be here with you. I will always take care of you. I will always love you. Lacy