Live In The Center Of Your Heart

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I've been reflecting on pure intention lately. As Kayla and I ready ourselves to lead Hearts On Fire retreat in a little under two months my focus has been squarely on my own heart💚. I never planned this career, this life path. Well, not exactly anyway. My deep longing to be useful became a repeated prayer. I asked passionately (and exhaustively) for satisfaction, to feel like I was making a heart-centered contribution. 
And then my airway started filling with unexplained scar tissue. My prayers grew longer to include a request to teach me to heal my own body.

Leading retreats was a clear directive from Spirit and a side effect of the journey to recognize that I am whole health.

All the work I was doing to heal was creating change in me. Transformation so profound that I knew if I could do it so could others. 
That's my why. It lives in the center of my heart. 
If you feel ready, and your heart knows this is next, consider joining us on the journey of Shift Retreat.