Happy Home: Medicine Cabinet

It's ragweed season here in Texas and there are days I want to remove my eye balls so I can properly scratch them and then put them back in my head! I've been taking homeopathic tablets to help soothe the itchy eyes and runny nose and I'm a fan! It's totally working. Inspired by these miracle tabs I thought I'd share some favorite DIY 'medicine cabinet' remedies! Allergies (seasonal) The root is always weak digestion (something I'm always working on... ginger, ginger, daily ginger!), but in the meantime: · Use a neti pot. Neti pot demo here. · Try Nasya. Nasya demo here. · An herbal formula that is great is sitopaladi churna. · Facial steam with eucalyptus or tea tree.

Bug Bites · Cilantro! In a blender combine a handful of cilantro with 1/3 cup water, strain, drink 2 teaspoons juice 3x day. You can also apply the pulp to bite. · Apple neem oil directly to bite. You've seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding right? You know how the dad puts Windex on everything? Yeah, neem oil is like that in this house. It's good for so many things!

Chapped Lips This is SO simple and SO effective: Apply ghee or sesame oil to your lips with the tip of your finger… That’s it! Sesame oil is my go to at home but out in the world it's Rosebud Salve. Rosebud Salve is one of my favorite packaged lip potions (and I put it on cuts + bug bites)!

Ear Infections A simple garlic and mullein infused oil can help relieve ear pain and fight infection. You can google how to make it yourself, or just buy Ear Oil (super inexpensive) from Mountain Rose Herbals.

Headache · Drink lots of water, warm is best; Dehydration is big cause of headaches. · Make + drink fresh ginger tea (boil a thumb sized piece of peeled ginger in a pot of water for 10 minutes. Drink the water throughout the day). · Do a facial steam with 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. · Take 2 Tablespoons of aloe vera gel by mouth up to 3x/day (good for burning headaches). · Ghee Nasya: Put 3-5 drops of warm ghee in each nostril. (smear it around with your finger + leave the ghee in, of course wipe your nose if it runs). · Eat a handful of almonds! They have anti-inflammatory properties that can help eliminate headache!

Heartburn · Drink 2 tablespoons aloe gel with pinch of baking soda. · Drink 1 cup papaya juice + 1 tsp organic sugar + 2 pinches cardamom.

Sunburn Your first line of defense is to eat foods that nourish the skin. As summer grows near by sure that you're eating nuts, avocado, legumes + pomegranates. Pomegranates are a personal fave since they help produce collagen. Slather a sunburned body is coconut oil or aloe vera (directly from the plant is best).

Tooth Pain Again Mountain Rose (big fan of this thoughtful company) makes the perfect product! A little clove bud essential oil rubbed on your gums can relieve even the toughest pain in your mouth! You can also use it for headaches, by just rubbing a little your temples, under your ears and at the top of your neck. It is SUPER potent, so be extra careful.

To your balanced body! xo, Lacy

Medical Disclaimer: None of the information contained in this document is intended to be medical advice or take the place of any evaluation or examination by your medical doctor. If any of the conditions listed above persist for more than three days, consult your doctor immediately.