Eating Simply

This is what a local avocado looks like here in Hawaii.
They are H U G E and the best tasting buttery avos ever.
My intention while I'm here is to eat simply, use what we have, nothing from a box, nothing processed.  I already eat a fairly clean diet at home BUT we still eat out and then there's the occasional baked treat from Whole Foods or bar of organic sea salt chocolate that I just had to have.  It all adds up and taxes the system!  I've been here since Saturday, creeping up on a week now and I've definitely noticed the changes in my diet.  A bit of a detox the first few days via a headache and my bowels letting me know something has changed but now it's smooth sailing... I feel light and satisfied.  It's all one big experiment on getting outside my box and into a life I create of whole foods and happiness.  It's about making the change from choosing the healthy foods b/c you know it's good for you (but you would much rather have the sweet thing, fried thing... you can fill in the blank there) to choosing the healthy foods b/c it's what feels best in your body.  It's a journey worth embarking on.

This is what the avo became.  Filled w/ quinoa, a dollop of hummus, carrots, arugula and a little balsamic and garlic mac nut oil (SO good).  This meal lasted longer than any steak n taters I've ever eaten growing up.  I was literally full and satisfied through dinner.  I ended up just having a few oil-cured black olives for dinner and called it a night. 
Happy Eating!  Happy Thursday!