He's Back!

Cliff is home from Osh Kosh and I have to say he took some fun pictures!
Of course this one was my fave with his reflection in a motorcycle. It makes me smile b/c I am always taking a picture of our reflections in something... this one is still my all time fave (the one with my silver shoes).

This of course is the A-10 wart hog! It has a gatlin (spell?) gun and it's famous for close troop support! This one would protect the Slater (our friend in Iraq right now) so it's on my good list. Usually I wouldn't go for a wart hog but I'll make an exception if it keeps our boys safe.

This sucker is so so cool! The Spaceship 2. It's puropse is to shuttle a commercial space ship between the two planes.

I was totally amazed at the rattan chairs! This is inside the 1929 tri engine plane.
It was used to transport passengers intercontinental.

You can get an idea of how massive this event was.
Cliff said that it would have been the same picture if he turned in any direction.
If you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see airplanes all over the sky!

This is the F15.

This is the F15 engine exhaust cone and one of my fave photos from the weekend.

This is the A380. It's a double decker and just massive!
It's the larget commercial airliner in the world.

This is a C5 transport. AMAZING!
And last but not least, Cliff found the school that we will send our children to!
Seriously funny!