I whispered to them.

I've been thinking about Kayla's book a lot lately, about meeting Hannah and Maria, and about that little whisper inside that encourages your inner groanings. Groanings for more adventures, meaningful friendships and life experiences. I've been writing a lot, practicing yoga daily, doing some painting and sitting in quiet spaces full of gratitude for my life and the people who have shaped it. Lately I am overwhelmingly thankful for my sister Kayla and for my Mema who we both credit for teaching us to dream BIGGER and do it all if we want to.

I just got home from Trader Joe's. I picked up a few groceries and some peonies. When I went to the register the guy asked me how much they were and I replied, "Actually I don't know, all I know is that they are my favorite and they only show up once a year and I have to have them." Before I left he said, "you go home and open that bottle of wine and just look at those flowers" and I replied, "hey how'd you know my plan!" On the way out I made sure to notice the price and saw that they were 5 stems for $6.99 and once in my car I reviewed my receipt to find that he gave them to me for $3.99. : ) Perhaps he saw my face light up talking about them, perhaps he really didn't know the price either and just guessed, perhaps he knew I needed a little smile or perhaps I gave him one. No matter what the reason, I am appreciative.

Even before putting the groceries away I pulled out my fave crystal pitcher and carefully started the task of clipping the ends and getting rid of extra leaves. I noticed that as I was placing each stem into the pitcher I was whispering to them... Thank you for being so lovely. Thank you for blooming. You smell so very nice. Thank you for being you. Thank you for making me smile.

It occurred to me that if we all spoke to ourselves the way that I just spoke to my 10 stems then we might actually start to see our own beauty and value. Perhaps then Kayla's book would evolve into something completely different. Perhaps we'd see women who are standing comfortably in their own skin, women in full bloom, glowing with the kind of self confidence that only gentle and consistent loving whispers can provide.