Lacy _____

What's in a name? I've been thinking about names ever since Kayla met Carol Zoom. Carol changed her last name to Zoom. I don't know a lot about why she did that other than that she zooms around on a motorized scooter but I am certain she's got a great story for it.

I've had three last names, one of them twice. I married and took his last name, then divorced and had my maiden name restored and then married a second time and again proudly took my husbands name.

Before marrying the second time I thought a lot about taking Cliff's last name. After all I'd been through there seemed to be so much in a name. It houses your identity and at times a healthy dose of your personality. If you change your last name, does it change your identity and personality?

Why do we taken our husbands last name? Growing up in the Bible belt it was assumed that you take your husbands name when you get married. It is the Christan thing to do and perhaps your first act of being a submissive and honorable wife. I'd always felt that it was indeed a flattering thing to do but not necessarily a hard and fast rule. How wonderful of you to love someone so much that you would take their name. It's of course practical for travel, medical matters, when you have children etc but why do we really do it?

I am by nature inquisitive. I question almost everything and get to know people by asking questions. If you know me or read here regularly you might have gathered that. ; p So after all that chatter my question is this:

If you are female and married did you take your partners last name? WHY?
Did you keep your maiden name? WHY?
If you are male and married did you care if your partner took your last name? WHY? Would you have considered taking her last name?

And finally... if you could be like Carol Zoom and change your last name to something cool what would it be?