Spring Freshness

Right now I am sitting here with a wet head. Just did yoga at 9:30 - 11, showered and I am finally feeling awake. It took me a while to get going today and just as I settle into marking something off my to do list someone walks in the door and I go into greeting mode, chatting about yoga mode and then have to begin again.

Something about smoothies makes me feel all springtime and happy. Speaking of Spring yesterday I clipped freesia from our garden and brought them inside to our bedroom! Bright yellow and red and so beautifully fragrant! I will have to snap a picture for you when I get home tonight! Freesia is easily becoming one of my fave flowers. I am planning on getting out into the garden on Friday and clearing away some of the winter to make room for Spring time and lots of blooms! I can hardly wait to see what Kelli's garden will look like this year!

Hope that your Tuesday is terrific!