This is my door mat.

This is my door mat. There's nothing outwardly special about it until you flip it over. . .

and there you'll find the names of people that I want to step on this door mat on the way into my home.

It all started as a result of a written conversation with my pen pal (we communicate the old fashioned way... through the MAIL! I know, cool right!). It was a conversation about getting together and I said "well I've got a door mat with your name on it" and then it dawned on me! What a great idea! So right then and there, mid letter and laughing out loud I went outside and plopped down on the burrr cold concrete in my pj pants and wrote her name on my door mat.

Since then it's grown, I've added names and I expect it will continue to grow. It's a sort of dream board if you will to encourage people that I love to flow into my life and my home. I was talking with Kayla yesterday about her visit coming up this month and I said "I've got your and Brian's name on my door mat" and she was like "WHAT?" and so I had to share the story of my door mat with you. No one knew their name was resting happily at my front door but Katy until now. : )

Sending you love & a great little idea to bring more love into your life and home.