We giggle in yoga class.

As a yoga teacher I know that's frowned upon. Asana practice is meant to be a personal experience. Time to come to your mat and back to yourself, how can you listen to your breath if you are giggling? I get it but when you see what I am about to describe you have to giggle. You just have to.

So we are an hour and into our yoga practice, we've finally made it to the floor postures. We are glistening from all the sweat, you could wring out my headband at this point. We are utterly exhausted and it's at this point in the practice where you actually have to pay attention and tune in your listening b/c it is so easy to drift right off. The teacher has us come into straddle leg split (you know the pose... you are sitting on your butt with your legs spread out wide) and she instructs us to start walking our hands out, bending forward. "If you can go there" she says, "work your chest towards the ground or maybe place your block on the ground in front of you and bring your forehead onto the block for support." I look over and see Tracy. She has sweat dripping from her face and elbows, she is really plugged in breathing and concentrating-- trying her best to lean her upper body forward between her outstretched legs and then she hears the whole bring your head to a block tip... I am watching it all unfold in slow motion. I can see that little light bulb flash in her head, that's a brilliant idea she says to herself and then she picks up the block and brings it to her forehead floating in the air. She needed about 5 more blocks to actually touch the ground. It was about that time that she caught my eye, turns her head towards me with the block attached and we started hysterical cracking up. Then she says, "may I borrow your blocks? I think I'm going to need a few more"

I can't wait to see what day 6 will hold at tonight's practice! I am bringing my camera so that we can get a few shots before or after class for your viewing pleasure!