Who's the best date ever?

I am!

Since I was going to the toy store I figured I'd dress the part. I loved the smurfs (even had smurf vitamins) but hindsight there is something very odd about a village with only one woman. What were they thinking?

Home Depot was right next door so I took the opportunity to walk through the garden section and take in all the color. I love going to the nursery. The flowers always look so perfect.
Found em! They only had one size and although I was hoping to see the old big pink and white striped ones but I found one that made me happy.

I thought seriously about getting one of these too. Kayla and I each had one that counted how many times you went around and we loved them.

Hey look who's 25! That seems about right. Mom do you still have our old cabbage patch dolls?

As you can see I selected purple with blinking lights and much to my delight I found a helpful fellow to do a mini hoola hoop photo shoot for me in the parking lot!

This one is my fave. That is one serious hoola hoop face if I've ever seen one! LOL I had a lot of fun = inner artist child nurtured!

When is the last time you took yourself out on a date? Go out there and find your hoola hoop and whatever that may be here's to your smiling face and nurturing your inner artist!