Your Home

Kayla and I have been talking a lot about our homes. The whole deal with the closet, painting fun scallops on the ceiling and having a super organized house... all that makes me happy. It is about more than having nice things. It is about as Oprah says your home rising up to meet you!

I absolutely believe that a nice home is an investment in my best life. Oprah says Home, Head, Heart, Hips... that they are all connected and I believe it without a doubt! When your home is a sanctuary from the world you recharge, heal and then flourish. When it is a total mess with laundry everywhere it chips away at your sanity. It may be ever so slight like a chipped tooth but since when has a chipped tooth been a good thing!?

Does your home rise up to meet you? I'd love to do a posting on your fave places in your home! A house tour of bloggers if you will! Email me 1-3 photos of your fave room or space in your home that rises up to meet you. If you don't have one it's time to get one. What change could you make in your space be it big or small that would nourish your head, heart and hips?

Here's the freesia from our garden!

I got in the car to go to work looked and my rear view and saw this little love note from Cliff!

Then last night I went to the parking garage to head home and found that someone else loves me too. Tee hee. Sometimes a dirty car is a good thing!