Click or capture.

I've been thinking about photos a lot lately. I've been working on a new look and feel for my blog and I can't seem to capture the moments that I want to capture for it. Instead I feel like I am just clicking pictures. The whole process has made me think back to a class that my little brother and I had the pleasure of taking together. It was a pretty awe inspiring weekend at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. One of our teachers was Paul Leibhardt. He's the real deal! He's amazing. He travels and gets his hands dirty to photograph the world. Sitting in his class, seeing his pictures was the first moment I remember feeling that longing to capture moments and not just click pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Now tell me those didn't make you feel!

Happy Monday!
I am making follow up calls for Clifftech today and going to lunch with Jenn, yay!

xo Lacy

P.S. Rachel had her baby girl, Ruby!
It was a successful home birth and she's so beautiful!
Most sincere congratulations! I am smiling so big for you!