What do you love about yourself?

Earlier this week a gal that I adore was having a hard day.  I mean really tough.  The bluest of blue.  I said. ---you ok and she responded with a ---NO, I want to cry and saying that out loud makes me want to cry.

So we talked.
And we went for a walk in the sunshine.

Sunshine battles the blues like none other.  Sunshine is powerful, good stuff.

Some time passed... And then I asked her. What do you love about yourself?

And her answer...
Oh that's really hard, I love so much!

I smile. and say- top 5 then.
She starts to tell me all the things she loves about herself.

She says, She loves how positive she (usually) is.
I say, I love that about you too.

And suddenly her face lights up and the blues have been squeezed right out and we continue talking about all that's good about her and then she does the best thing ever, she asks me the very same question.

Friendship is cool.

What do you love about yourself?
I hope you don't even know where to begin!

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