How simplicity brings tears.

lacy + cody

My little brother is on a journey with two of his friends, Angel from Spain + Alessandro from Italy (sounds like a three guys walk into a bar joke to me). They left Hawaii post college graduation with a backpack and a surf board for an open ended adventure in Central + South America. traveler on the ready

Mom stalks his Facebook page hoping to see some activity to know that he's landed in safe place along the way (that has internet). I can't even begin to imagine what that uncertainty feels like for my mom but I do absolutely feel the love when those emails come in.

They're in Nicaragua at the moment and finding proof of the thread of human connection that runs through everything when we're completely present with each other. His latest email talks about walking through a small town of coffee farmers and getting invited back to an old mans house where he taught them how they grow their own food + coffee. The email before they were given a huge tuna from fisherman as thanks for help they provided.

As I read the last line of his email ..."we are absolutely safe, healthy, and stoked! Life is simple here and all is well." tears welled up in my eyes and then one after another rolled down my face and into my lap. I can feel his deep contentment. I can feel his peace.

Life is simple. All is well. Who could really ask for more? He's surfing. He's fed. He's among friends. He has everything he needs.

Learning over + over that a simple life is filled with profound beauty. Hoping life is simple for you today too.

Love, Lacy