Wednesday is my favorite!

I am starting to think that Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. I'm not sure why or what it is exactly--- I just know that on Wednesday I usually feel pretty great and my blog posts are usually about a little of this and a little of that and that makes me happy too!

Last night the fam Skyped us in for Mom's gift opening! I forget how effortless it is to laugh together. It's one of my favorite things ever.

Then since I was already on Skype I got to chat with this girl and this one.
I met them both through blogging and they are so marvelous! I got to meet Leigh-Ann at the Red Velvet Art weekend this year and since we live within an hour or so of Violet I am thinking I'll get to meet her in person sooner than later! I meet the coolest people on-line.

I was so excited for mom to get her gift from me. She's always making quilts for everyone and while I am no quilter (I don't have a sewing machine) I gave it my best and did a lacylike version of a quilt!

The cats take turns at my lap while I am working (usually when I am on the computer).

I used 5 of my old sweaters, up-cycling at it's best! It's lap sized and super soft (two of the sweaters are cashmere! ooohhh ahhhh). I sewed the whole thing together using a blanket stitch and brightly colored embroidery thread (jewel tones). I wanted one side to look unfinished with bright colors peeking out and it came out just how I envisioned.

It has no rhyme or reason, it was made with love and comfort in mind, very lacylike and one-of-a-kind!

My next project is a lacylike scrapbook of a trip to NY. I am super excited to work on the book. I've still never been to NY and the photos of all the lights and people are delicious!

I'm off to meet with my health counselor! It's a part of my schooling. I get a health counselor for 6 months in order to keep my own personal progress moving along! I love that. This school is so cognizant of feeding the whole person.