Animal Voice

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Have you ever loved a creature with your whole being? Felt like they chose you? Like they saved you in some way? Like they were one of your most profound life teachers? 〰

Yeah, me too. 〰

This is Ned and he's been by my side for almost 17 years. I pour love all over this cat! I talk to him like he's a gift (because he is) and I go out of my way for him on the daily. 〰

One day it dawned on me - what if we talked to ourselves and each other the way we talk to this cat? What would life be like? How would that feel? We put it into action and life has never been the same. I wake each morning and say to myself (usually) silently and then to Cliff aloud, "Good morning! You are wonderful and I love you!" Ned is typically laying between us with his head on my pillow so we smooch him and say it to him too. He purrs back. 〰

The whole family gets good morning words of kindness and love. We change it up slightly from day-to-day but the sentiment is always the same - a sincere outpouring of love first thing. 〰

I am not always as adoring with myself and my partner as I am to Ned but like any other shift it's a practice I'm committed to returning to. 〰

If this idea feels good to you too it's a shift you could begin practicing right now! You might want to tell your people what's up so they have a chance to get on board too. 😻👫