On Togetherness.

emrace possibility - Lacy Young

I started Togetherness Tuesdays Drop In Group Coaching a month ago. My intention was to create an affordable option for those who want on-going coaching. It's $65 per month for a 1-hour call happens every Tuesday from 2 - 3 pm central. That's 4 - 5 calls per month so $13 - $16 per call. Crazy high value coaching deal. The idea has been rolling around in my heart + mind for so long and I hoped it would be well received. What's come out of our time together in just a month has been nothing short of miraculous. It's clear that what's happening is less a drop-in call and more a tribe. A community is forming and I find myself leaving each call with full body chills and feelings of WOAH that was g-o-o-d!

A few words from some of the group members:

"Two words. Greater Awareness!"

"I'm excited by how many veggies are in my life now!"

"Like you say it is spot coaching ... everyone gets what they need in that moment. We have seen some really profound break-thru's! C deciding that life is too short to not have the life she deserves. K learning to lovingly stand up to her family about raising her son. Both of those instances gave me chills! I have found that when I come into the call with something big bothering me we can talk it out and break it down into something small and manageable. I leave with an entirely different perspective. Love that!!! And, no matter what someone's issue is, at the base of it all is always to take care of ourselves ... primary food, secondary food, physical activity, sunshine. All the things that make us whole and happy."

"The idea of who do I want to be in this moment has stayed with me. I am so empowered that I get to choose!"

"I get new energy + inspiration when I talk to you. Thank you, Lacy!"

This is a come as you are, all hearts welcome kinda group. It's a share as much or as little as you want, this is a safe place kinda place. It's an opportunity to pause. There are 10,080 minutes in a week. This is the place where you set aside 60 of them just for you. To show up, be seen, listen, share, receive, grow + transform. This is a place to say that you're ready to see yourself with love. To embody the beauty that you are. To add in healthy practices (like green juice)! To release the extra weight (both physical + emotional).


Togetherness Tuesday is where you become conscious to compassion. To enthusiasm. To possibility.

If you're in need of regular + real support this is your tribe. I share practical tools and a whole lot of love. You'll gain knowledge + awareness. Sometimes we talk food. Sometimes we talk life, love, stress, children, marriage, work, play +++.

What kind of life do you want to create? What kinds of food do you want to fuel your body? What do you want your grocery cart + your heart to be full of?

This is the place where you will grow. Where you will learn to truly listen to your internal compass and make the decisions that are best for your life + body. If you're ready to expand your repertoire + remember that you're not alone in this journey please join us for Togetherness Tuesday!

I believe in Togetherness. I believe that uncertainty is really possibility! I believe in the power of what we can create together.

Read more about Togetherness Tuesday + enroll here.

Together we are mighty! xo, Lacy