Japan in Hawaii

Apparently Oahu is a HUGE destination for the Japanese. Many of the signs in our hotel are in Japanese first and then English. The spa menu in our room is in Japanese and I had to go to the front desk to retrieve a menu in English!

Mom and I were walking around today and decided to pop into the Cheesecake factory for a little refreshment. I had the absolute best time watching these girls eat. Each and every time the waitress brought something new they took a picture and explored the entree with total inquisitive delight. I loved every second of their meal and then they brought out the cheesecake! I wish I had a video to share with you! It was that good. It was little girl Japanese game show squealing at it's best! They sat and took in every second patiently waiting for the waitress to leave so that they could get about a hundred pictures of their decadent dessert! The girl on the very left was my absolute favorite. She clasped her hands together, brought them up next to her face and with the biggest smile she started to do mini jumps in her seat. Yay cheesecake! She would say and then she'd say Hawaii! Hawaii! Yay cheesecake!

I hope that you find something to delight in today!

Love from Hawaii!