Kayla was here last week for work, her last trip to California before she and her husband move to Spain and she made the absolute most of it!  Thursday night she came in late and announced that we should all go on a getaway weekend to Arnold, that her friend has offered his cabin to us again and that she's having Brian fly in from Austin so that it can be a couples weekend!  Well we couldn't possibly say no to that so we all moved around our schedules and hit the road.  
Friday night late... we arrive, settle in and warm up!  
See the snow outside the window!
we sip our morning tea and talk as Cliff prepares a lovely breakfast.
and we discover a happy googly eyed spoon!
Then it's time for snow shoeing!
Brian climbs big hills...
and I run to my love!
we take long arm photos in the snow 
and think that Brian looks like a ski instructor

We find that we are not the only ones taking a stroll in the snow...

we admire the amazing light

and the way the snow blankets...

and ripples...

and crunches under foot.
And then we drive to Bear Valley for lunch. Where we see a bear...

and eat in here... where we swear it is once again the 80's.  
It was super Hot Tub Time Machine at the Lodge!
 Sunday morning is quiet and still and I sneak out early to sit with the trees. 
did I mention the light?

We head into Murphys for lunch and wine tasting and then it's back to San Jose.

I am so grateful we had this time together before Kayla and Brian's big Spanish adventure!
Thanks sis for your loving persistence to make it all happen!  Your spontaneity is inspiring!  I can't wait for our next couples vaca!

When you miss someone

What do you miss first about them?  For me it's almost always their laugh.  I L O V E to laugh and see other people in pure gut busting release!  There's a joy in watching someones face light up and in Kayla's case watching her laugh so hard that she goes through the phases of hard belly laughs, near silent laughter, squealing, not being able to breathe, coming back round and doing it all over again.  Her laugh is epic!

Kayla is a mere 30 days from finishing up at her job and then she and her husband are moving to Barcelona, Spain for Brian to complete his Masters in Business and for Kayla to enjoy life the Spanish way.  They've boldly removed all obstacles from their life by selling their home and Kayla quitting her job.  They had a mega garage sale (side bar--- Kayla can make more money hosting a garage sale then anyone I've ever met, it's a talent for sure), they've rented storage for the things they will want to hold onto and they've been subletting a furnished condo until they move.  They call it Condo Condo, so nice you have to say it twice only it's not that nice.  It's adequate, it's reminiscent of living in a beach house with it's one tiny bathroom, cold tile floors and a make due kitchen but it's a magical place.

While I was with Kayla for her surgery last month their love and joy was unmistakable in Condo Condo.  Kayla and Brian have always been happy but I've never seen them this happy!  I liken it to when the kids go off to college and see mom and dad traveling around and dancing in the kitchen again when they used to only dance in spurts before.  They've freed themselves by letting go of what society told them they should do, they've turned their someday into 30 days from now and I am completely inspired.

So on this Monday morning take a minute to think about what obstacle(s) you'd remove from your life to send you right into your bliss!  I'd love to hear if you want to share.

Wishing you a life full of magic!
All my best,

Home from Texas

It's Monday and I'm home from Texas and back to work on my latest yoga studio project.  I made myself a little jotter for this weeks tasks.  It's pretty much the cutest thing ever if I do say so myself!

Front back to front: Mema, Aunt Mary, Mom, Kayla and Me!  I loved that slide when I was little, even if it did nearly burn my flesh off every summer.

I am missing my sisters today... like BAD!

Hope this week is full of promise for you!  

Summer, sun, sand and sisters!

We took Kayla to Carmel this weekend!
The weather was perfect and the ocean was so blue.

A shot from the car.

Per our usual we found a spot on the side of the road where the ocean was peeking through and we set to finding a trail to get there.

Trail Found!

Perfect spot secured so

Kayla ran to the water...

Cliff got our little area all set up...

and I took photos of my feet. ha!

This was too funny not to capture.
We notice this group walk past in their khaki sun hats, zinc on the nose and pasty white legs (I'm not making fun of the white legs, have you seen mine lately?!). They were definitely out of towners. They find a spot and then proceed to hold up this sheet so the lady can change into her suit. It seemed like it took forever for her to change. I gave Cliff and Kayla the play by play, oop- there's her bra...jeans now... Then she emerged in her tasteful one-piece and her man adjusted the straps then lovingly lotioned her up while she sat under her umbrella to read. Thanks for the entertainment and photo op strangers!

The beach is the place where we exhale, wrapped in the warmth of the sun, the smell of the ocean, everything seems possible here. It's freedom for us.

I love beach days with my love and my little sis.
Happy Monday!

Kayla + Kindle = Love

My little sis is here this week for work. Her 29th birthday was June 6 and she received a Kindle. She is hilarious with it! She says it is "The best gift I've ever received, I'm not kidding, I don't know if I've ever loved anything more....Laaaaaaacy stop laughing at me! I have to call my friend to see what I should buy. There are just SOOOOO many books! I looooooove my Kindle!" All this she says as she's dancing around the house kicking and turning in happy circles.

Yeap she's reading and smiling. Smiling and reading. I captured this with my cell phone.

Each morning she sings a different song and starts chatting at us the minute we get up. I've decided it's time to start catching some of the silliness on the Flip video. ;)

Happy Celebration Massage Friday!

The Road Trip in Photos!

Part of both our best lives is going and doing!

So when one of Kayla's friends offered for us to use his place on we jumped on the chance to have our first sister road trip in 10 YEARS!

I'd never heard of Arnold, CA and honestly it didn't matter where we were going just that we got to get in the car and GO! Roooooooooad Trip! It was all about the journey!

Friday morning we headed out past the twirly things...
and the tree farms in little towns with little speed limits...
and old general stores...

and beautiful fields with cool signs and happy cows that Kayla moo-ed at...

and when we made it to Murphys, CA we stopped in for lunch at V's...

where we found a comfy spot by the windows and the fire place...
selected a vino from a local winery (the old vine zin, sooo good)...

and after our amazing lunch headed out to wine tasting first at this little place...

where you can't help but be drawn in by the lovely scent...

and then we visited this place and fell in love with the wine pup...

and then it was time to venture into the forest...
we were received by the care-taker of the property and let into the guest house that was far beyond our expectations!

a river runs behind the cottage leading to a lake surrounded by little patches of snow...

the cabin is 2 br and 2 baths but of course we stayed in the master together...

the next morning we got up with the sun and celebrated our bed heads...

and then started the journey home passing rushing rivers and tiny waterfalls...

and sleeping vineyards...

and the most daffodils I've ever seen growing all over the place...

and then there was this tree... I find it completely mesmerizing. Once bold and proud it now stands alone among it's own branches as it goes back into the earth where it began...

and though it rained almost the entire trip everything was bright and beautiful and once again the California that is now my home did not disappoint.

Sweet sister!
What an amazing 24 hours! My face still hurts from laughing, I am still humming the songs we were singing and I'm fairly certain there's still a few cows on high alert out there! Thank you for an unforgettable sister road trip!

Love you!

She fell down the stairs!

Happy Saturday!

Kayla is upstairs putting on makeup and doing her hair for football Saturday, I'm totally serious! It's cracking me up. She has her UT shirt on and keeps singing "it's football Saturday, it's football Saturday! Eye-eye-eye LoVeeee Football Saturday!"

I've fallen down them before... Cliff has too and now it was Kayla's turn!

The stills from our video were too funny. : )